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Martin J. Wein
Photograph by Liah Davar

student forum

History and Memory in Tel Aviv Jaffa

Tel Aviv Jaffa Syllabus (English, PDF, 132 KB)

Tel Aviv Jaffa Introduction Lecture (English, PDF, 156 KB)

Bibliography of Texts on Jaffa (English, PDF, 248 KB)

Azaryahu Excerpts (PDF, 3.6 MB)

Mann Excerpts (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Kark Excerpts (PDF, 6.2 MB)

Levine Excerpts (PDF, 12 MB)

Lebor Excerpts (PDF, 1 MB)

All Other Texts (PDF, 5.6 MB)

Slide Show Campus Tour (PDF, 40.1 MB)

Slide Show 1 (PDF, 4.1 MB)

Slide Show 2 (PDF, 73.1 MB)

Slide Show 3 (PDF, 66.3 MB)

Slide Show 4 (PDF, 52.9 MB)

Slide Show 5 (PDF, 31.8 MB)

Special Slide Show: Jaffa and Tel Aviv-Built on Sand? (PDF, 10.6 MB)

Special Slide Show: Local Graffiti and Street Art (PDF, 47.2 MB)

GLS and Internship Seminar NYU

GLS and Internship Syllabus

Wein 2013

Funkenstein 1995

Charme 2000 [slow loading! patience!]

Genocide, War and Ethnic Cleansing

Genocide, War, Ethnic Cleansing Syllabus (Hebrew, PDF, 96 KB)

Texts 1 (PDF, 9.2 MB)

Texts 2 (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Jones Excerpts (PDF, 4.5 MB)

Hilberg Excerpts (PDF, 1 MB)

Examples of Student Work

Ariela Garvett: Joint Water Management among Israel and her Neighbors: Challenges and Prospects (PDF, 125 KB)

Neelam Sakaria: 1954-2014: Space and Power in the Case of Israel (PDF, 56 KB)