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Martin J. Wein
Graffitis in Tel-Aviv

graffiti coollection

The following graffiti and stickers were selected from a collection of pictures by Martin J. Wein taken in central Tel Aviv in March 2007 for the "Linguistic Landscaping" segment of the "History and Memory in Israel" course. As a collection of data they can be analyzed in regard to contemporary language use as well as independent art and grassroots politics representing facets of everyday life of Israeli society.

image_3108.jpg image_3109.jpg image_3111.jpg thumb_3113.gif thumb_3114.gif thumb_3115.gif thumb_3116.gif thumb_3117.gif thumb_3118.gif thumb_3119.gif thumb_3120.gif thumb_3121.gif thumb_3122.gif thumb_3123.gif thumb_3124.gif thumb_3125.gif thumb_3126.gif thumb_3127.gif thumb_3128.gif thumb_3129.gif thumb_3130.gif thumb_3131.gif thumb_3132.gif thumb_3134.gif thumb_3135.gif thumb_3136.gif thumb_3137.gif thumb_3138.gif thumb_3139.gif thumb_3150.gif thumb_3151.gif thumb_3152.gif thumb_3153.gif thumb_3154.gif thumb_3155.gif thumb_3156.gif thumb_3157.gif thumb_3158.gif thumb_3159.gif thumb_3161.gif thumb_3162.gif thumb_3142.gif

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