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10 INSANELY STRONG Champions Who Require NO SKILL To Climb – League of Legends Season 10

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We cover 10 Broken champions who require no skill.

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  • going ww or trundle jg without the item for the jg, is really a good idea?

  • I wish riot made a toplane tank that requires mechanical skills

  • I was expecting Sivir since she just presses Q W and just demolishes the enemy team

  • Kindred. Everyone knows where you spike in power and you’re very squishy early game.

  • i approve 👍 🙂

  • How is taric an easy support holy crap

  • DeskDesk

    Author Reply

    QOTD: Sylas. He’s probably my favorite champion in terms of looks and he’s got a really cool kit but he’s so fucking hard to play! Also he’s not very good apparently.

  • There are so many champion that is underrated which are better than the overrsted champions

  • 10 cancer brainless piece of shiit champs☺️

  • ivern>all.

  • QOTD: irelia

  • Y’all don’t say morde:(

  • top iralia jungs just trash and mid iralia and bot there all trash ngl sups the same

  • Is yasuo hard?

  • Urgot top easiest no Brain zero skill beyond knowing how to press keys.

  • I like how Nami's runes and builds are the same as Lulu

  • Azir

  • Azir and kalista

  • aurelion sol

  • How could Rammus not be in this list. He has no skill shot

  • Qotd: Orianna

  • Dude I fucking love zirene, more vids with you over the other guys. Thanks 🙂

    Also do you stream?

  • QOTD: Azir 😔

  • I just cant bring myself to play easy right click champs, even when I win i dont feel satisfied with the victory i just sat there and right clicked

  • Me a Warwick main: bruh

  • You forgot fiora

  • why isnt darius top hes so braindead is a joke lol

  • No master Yi?!?;?;?;?

  • Dude I legit 1 trick garen and I have 75% winrate on him Hes from this day still my most played champ I got 60+ k and lvl 6 on garen,I got Lvl 7 and 57k on yi cuz i get S ranks easier than garen

  • Yummi she isn't easy support?

  • Alot of players I play with don't know how to not die so kassa is out for them

  • Was surprised to see trundle over yi, also surprised for nami over braum or leona

  • How would Lux be considered in support? I mainly player her support and do pretty well with her at the moment.

    I've been eyeing up Nami so think I'll get her when I have the blue essence

  • Well, "No Skill" is subjective…

    You could be me and still suck at these Champions.

  • Why the hell is he suggesting to use these guys. Like c'mon if you actually play them you're a puss puss

  • Riot nerfs all this champ
    Wow no one is easy balanced

  • Meanwhile Nasus and Master Yi…

  • Where tf is master yi? This vid is a joke.

  • QOTD: Xerath because while he does a lot of dmg any smart team will just start stacking MR against him and make him practically useless because he doesnt provide anything to the team other than dmg and now he cant do that either

  • TycoxTycox

    Author Reply


  • yall have no idea how hard ww can be

  • Qotd: akali lmao

  • I remember my first ashe game I ended 30/7/8

  • Yes more kass players plz.. i love laning vs him.

  • wheres kata ekko lb eve xerath zyra brand

  • All lux mains to the question: yeah our champ is very skilled but not good you have to buff pls pls give buff and new skin pls

  • I think on mid talon is easier then kassa becuse talon only need to hit w. His r is a free invisibility. His q is point click. And its nearly imposible to kill him becuse of his e.