10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Toshiro Hitsugaya (10 Facts) | Bleach

Request and you shall receive. (Maybe.)
Today we countdown 10 facts, trivia, and generally unknown knowledge about Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach.
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Soul Madness:


Top 10 Paramecia:

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  • All some video ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Ichimaru gin u tried to kill hitsugaya why now u r speaking about him

  • Wait…Toshiro was the 3rd seat too ichigos dad? When he was a soulreaper Captain

  • I share a birthday with hitsugaya

  • Shiro Shrimp

  • Hiei (YYH) + Killua (HxH) = Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)

  • Omg you guys love my cousin so much his name toshiro

  • Bruh…no one in the comment section knows when mah bday is :/
    Not being rude I’m just saying

  • In every anime, there has to be a white haired character.
    I'll name a few :

    1). Toshiro Hitsugaya [Bleach]

    2). Kakashi Hatatake [Naruto]

    3). Killua Zoldyck [Hunter x Hunter]

    ( And people also end up loving these white haired people )

  • the big question is how old is hitsugaya

  • Toshiro and Karin 🥰

  • 7:03 I love to imagine he is looking at me.

  • Isn’t Momo his sister as well? I can’t remember Momos’ powers but I sort of recall her being OP somehow, idk it’s been years since I’ve watched Bleach.
    Btw you briefly brought up the main captains fire bankai, again if i recall correctly, one of the first times we see that is when Ichigo is rescuing Rukia. The main captain was somewhere else facing off against two other captains(urgh dont ask me their names, it was the one with long white hair and the one whose always seems drunk or flowery)
    Anyway the point I’m trying to lead up is there was a lieutenant there and while the main captain used his fire bankai she started to struggle to breathe. I’m thinking his bankai might suck oxygen out of the air more than regular flames
    so not criticize your video by any means(god knows I barely know what I’m talking about) but I don’t think its right to say the flames of main captains bankai are the same as regular flames and thus it would make sense regular flames be hardly effective, if at all on Hitsugyas’ bankai and the main captains bankai flames posing a potential threat to Hitsugyas’ ice powers.

    Wow I think I’m all done😂 that probably could’ve been way shorter, I’m just really bad explaining things. It’d also help if I could remember these characters names! If that irritates you, believe me you’re not alone.

  • Killua

  • KIllua

  • My
    Character 🥶🐉

  • I have always respected captain Hitsugaya Despite his is age he is very Wise with intelligence mind and So Talented he really is
    An Child Prodigy

  • I'm short in real life i'm like 5.1 or 5.2 ft I feel like him.


    Author Reply

    Is it me or Toshiro looks like kilowa

  • Toshiro in kid form : 4 feet and 60 pounds

    Toshiro in Adult form : 6 feet and 173 pounds.

    HmMmMmMmMMmm WoNdER wHy

  • just you

  • ye thats captain to you