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20 Things You Missed In Money Heist

Netflix’s Money Heist season 4 has us looking back at some easter eggs you might have missed.
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Ya know, there is a lot of television out there, which you have probably become extremely aware of recently, since odds are you are probably spending a lot more time at home, just vegging out in front of a screen.

And as such, you are probably checking out some shows that you might not have watched before. I mean, millions of people watched an entire series about an eccentric tiger owner. So maybe you came upon a Spanish crime drama called Money Heist. And maybe, just maybe, you feel in love with it.

So of course, you are probably sitting there right now, craving more of the frantic action, deep character drama, and classic heist-style twists and turns. While I can’t necessarily give you all that, what I can give you are a handful of little details and facts about the show that you might not have picked up on while watching the show.

Ya know, easter eggs, behind the scenes details, and even some answers to some questions that weren’t overtly obvious in the show itself. That kind of fun stuff.

Due to the nature of the things that I am going to be discussing in the video, I’m gonna go ahead and slap a spoiler warning up there for the most recent season of the show. If you haven’t made it all the way through part 4, you might not want to watch this video. Especially considering what the first entry is. It’s gonna be a doozy!

Ok, with all that out of the way, let’s go ahead and dive right into it!

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  • notification squad? also money heist is one of the best shows ever

  • Show named her Stockholm after the syndrome… which show did you watch?

  • If you watch “money heist” in english…….Why ?

  • La casa de papel is still the name of the series money heist is just the translation for english speaking countries

  • I kind of hate how people hopped on it on part 4, I’ve been following it since part 1.

  • Sierra won’t be part of the crew, that’d be repeating Lisboa story and I think writers will want to do something very different

  • The german title is , Das Haus des Geldes, which translates to, The House of Money which also sounds way better than Money Heist

  • They DO talk about the stocolm syndrome

  • Dubbed? Omg why?!?

  • Its really weird to watch this tv show dubbed in English

  • The english translation sounds really bad

  • bad dubbing , geeeez

  • Palermo is a town inside Buenos Aires City, the capital of Argentina (where the actor and the character is from)

  • There only one character in the heist group that did not have any capital/state in their name. That is Sofia😂

  • 2ez2ez

    Author Reply

    How the moving is gonna end:
    Everyone is gonna die except Tokyo
    She is in prison narrating the story.

  • You watch money heist phenomenon episode and get to know most of these facts

  • In Sweden were i live is the Money heist called lacasa de papel why 🤔🤔

  • 1 thing I missed in Money heist that's money heist

  • In money heist Arturo said in his book meeting that Monica's baby is a boy…how would he know if its a boy if they were missing for 2 years and at the time of the heist she was a couple weeks pregnant?

  • not cool 🏵 👌

  • During season 1 and 2 there is a brand thats from spain called cola cao and its a chocolate milk drink. You Have to look for it but its very noticeble onece you know it

  • I think Sierra is Berlin's girlfriend

  • I think you should listen to it in the original language and subtitles to get the full experience

  • All the dislikes are from Arturito’s alternate accounts😂😂

  • Finally. A break from your Marvel content, screenrant

  • haha this is just a summary of the hour long documentary they released

  • Also, when you put "things you missed" on a title, it usually pertains to easter eggs, but the content of this video is pretty much "trivias", geez, Screenrant, get your shiz together….

  • People really like this?

  • Is it just me or was season 4 of LCDP actually quite disappointing? Like they just took the characters and messed them up. It lacked the charm and planning of the earlier seasons.

  • Money Heist Pitch Meeting, puhleaaase!!!!!!

  • Pitch Meeting


    Author Reply

    I started watching this series just yesterday. I love it! Now reach season 2.

  • Its totally diffrent show if u watch it in og. Spanish (with subtittles).. the actors are very good!!

  • That show blows

  • I’m English but I watch it in Spanish with English subtitles and it’s soooo much better

  • Stockholm's name was totally addressed in the first season for that same reason btw! Someone wasn't paying attention 🙄

  • This video shouldn't be called "20 things you missed" as if it's about Easter eggs. It's just facts about the show. Maybe a more suitable title "20 things you didn't know about money heist"…if you didn't watch " money heist: the phenomenon" that is😅

  • Casa de papel*

  • I feel sorry for the people that watch the English dub version smh its so trash and ya'll missing the most important dialogues/character emotions. Just watch it in Spanish dub with Eng subtitles

  • KaiioKaiio

    Author Reply

    La casa de papel ?

  • OK so just admit that you literally got all the info for this video from the "money heist: the phenomenon" on Netflix. It's more interesting just to watch that…

  • Is it just me that does not stand Tokyo, kinda think she is a bit of a bitch

  • Okay, so you just watched the documentary. Like 90% of these facts are copied from it

  • Bella ciao

  • 🇱​🇴​🇻​🇪​ 🇾​🇴​🇺​ 🇧​🇷​🇴​ ✌️

  • The one with Sierra is a bit of a stretch, but the evidence is kind of clear and it would be awesome.

  • found this series before this all happened
    found it in 2019

  • The name Stockholm was suggested by Denver in the vault BECAUSE Moscow was telling him that she was only falling in love with him due to Stockholm syndrome.