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BEST GAREN SEASON 10 ULTIMATE BUILD 🔥 A TOTAL MONSTER 🔥 Top Lane Garen vs Riven s10 LoL Gameplay

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Conqueror #Garen vs #Riven TOP Lane Build Preseason Season 10 Gameplay #LeagueOfLegends

You want the best Season 10 Garen TOP NEW RUNES Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE/SUPPORT? Then enjoy:
For runes we will be using:
Precision + Resolve
For Precision:
– Conqueror (Insanely big sustain)
– Triumph (12% missing hp back and 20 gold)
– Legend: Tenacity (Tenacity that will make you unstoppable from cc)
– Coup de Grace (More Damage at Low health targets)
For Resolve:
– Revitalize (Bonus HEALS and SHIELDS)
– Second Wind (Bonus hp regain that works insanely good with doran’s shield)
Also you will get for:
DEFENSE: 6 armor
This runes will give you everything you need for Garen to do insane damage

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  • billbill

    Author Reply

    @balori ellinas eisai?

  • Buen video, sigue asi

  • i have no idea why you are so entertaining but i love you
    "oh she wants to fight me… i dont mind." fucking love it

  • Isn't Conqueror Garen simply not viable anymore? Most of the times, Garen wants short trades, you Q/E and leave, or something like that. Auto 5 times before Eing? So not practical. Plus not giving true damage will matter a lot when people start building armor. I believe Grasp or Lethal Tempo should be better after all.

  • This is great! Can you make another video on Darius?

  • Where is the Explanation!?! i wanted to hear about why trinity works well with …

  • I am mistaken they removed it from the e.

  • Could be mistaken but it does look like the stack counter goes up during your e

  • Pretty sure it does still stack. it just stacks differently now and up to ten stacks

  • So my man… We got to go back to grasp… Conqueror is already not available… Damn hell

  • Ah fk riot, fix your pbe pls, look at that garen E BUGGGGG

  • so does that mean conquerer doesn’t work on garen anymore? Maybe grasp of the undying or electrocute will be better now?

  • Every game his ms is 200+, where the heck is he playing from? How can we help lower his ms to see final form Balori?

  • Don't forget to let us know about Conqueror Rune. From this video it doesn't seem viable anymore on Garen. What would be next best rune choice for Garen?

  • AD teemo pls

  • Why do you play with this two items?

  • Play more nasus please

  • Hmm will it work with Yorick using new Conqueror.
    Btw tht last video with Cho against Yorick. Was that a new skin for next update?

  • I thought this is the video when we will see 3 Doran's Shields 🙁

  • UH OH. BaLoRi using a champion that don't need mana.

  • I dont mess with garen but i i mess with balori 😎😎😎

  • Your videos are simply the greatest. Great content bro, Keep it up!

  • New map