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Buy Microsoft Office 2019 For $5 – Office 365 Full Version With Activation

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In this video I show you exactly how to get Microsoft Office 2019 for cheap. The great part about this method is that you get to choose if you want to use Office 365 or download the MS office suite on to your computer.

This video also shows you how to get Office 365 for cheap.

This is a full retail version of the software and includes full versions of microsoft access, publisher, word, excel, powerpoint and all your favorite tools.

You can also try out the mobile office suite for ios and android. They can be downloaded from the android play store or the ios app store and installed on your phone.

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  • Leave me a question, happy to answer.

  • Hey man thank you. I have some questions. This isn´t your personal account is it? You have that 5TB forever? How is that possible if that option don´t even exist?

  • thank you, Denis.

  • Gracias denis!!!

  • Does the owner of the student account get any information when you create and store files locally? Like for example create word docs/ excel sheets

  • I just bought one for $4 for Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 today and it worked. The seller sent me a product key and instructions to activate. After installation, then I entered the product key and I got the error message saying that a product key was invalid due to too many copies were already activated with this key; then I followed instructions to activate through mobile web or phone and it worked wonderfully. I uninstalled and reinstalled the office software again and I entered the key only on the second time and it worked flawlessly because Microsoft server already registered the product key with their servers after the first installation. I was able to update the software to the latest. Wow for $4. No mess with activator script or software downloaded from the web. It seemed likes legit and hopefully, it still works for me for a long time.

  • Basically, go to eBay.

  • since it is the seller who made the account or email address associated with it, after someone buys it they can use the forgot my password and change the login information. How is it secured then? Do they provide you the email address login for that account (not for the office) but login for .edu?

  • You are buying a free student account. if you go to office and use a student email, you will get the same thing… for free

  • Thank you.

  • Since the account was created by someone else, are you sure they will not be able to reach my documents on my computer?

  • There has to be a downside to buying a program for $3-5.00 that normally costs $150.00 from Microsoft.

    You get what you pay for in this world, and I know that something will backfire in doing this, much like buying your wife's wedding ring from a guy in the alley that starts every transaction off with " pssst…hey buddy ".

  • Thank you Dennis!


  • How secure is the account though? Wouldn’t the reseller be able to access the account too since they dictated the password and login details?
    There is speculation online that these accounts are corporate or educational licenses that are being sold illegally and can be shutdown
    However my main concern is security, surely the person sending the account details could see everything in your ‘secure’ cloud storage account even if it’s encrypted?

  • Hey denis can buying Microsoft word of eBay give your Mac book a virus?

  • Currently have Office 2016 volume lic. Will this simply update the version? I am concerned about losing my outlook mail.

  • thanks for the video and information on this 🙂 Would you do the same when rebuilding and selling computers? Just go to ebay and download this for the customer if they ask for it?

  • can u login your main microsoft acc after you install office 365?

  • office offers a digital version, I believe its like 6.00. do you know if that one comes with an activation code?

  • Thank you dennis

  • K MK M

    Author Reply

    Just d.loaded and activated using the steps you described here. Awesome! Only negative, I wish I could use my own email address instead of the one provided for you. 🙁

  • This worked perfectly!! you are a. legend! thank you

  • Thank you so much. I have gone and bought from ebay but I wasn't sure how to activate the software. I will open word and see if they ask for the activation code

  • $5 a month , a year or one time? Thanks a lot any updates we get with this

  • I want to know how can microsoft product be this cheap is this legal ?

  • Is this a one time purchase? Not a 1 year right?

  • Thanks,,,

  • I found one, 25 sold, instant delivery, 100% positive feedback, and (14). would you be comfortable with that?

  • Thanks Dennis! Is there an option to switch your user name/ password when the seller basically has full control of your account

  • Turns out, it's really hard to find a $5 footlong at Subway anymore…