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Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

If you are having problems with realtek audio driver then this video is for you. Sometimes your Realtek HD Audio Manager can have a issue after a windows update, sometimes uninstalling the driver with revo uninstaller and then reinstalling will resolve the issue. Follow these step by step guide on fixing / repair Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Download Latest Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Latest Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs

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  • Why can't i find what driver i just downloaded and i don't which driver that i needed! There are too many drivers!

  • None of the exe files open for me

  • Installed windows 10 2004

    Sound driver installed. Latest one.
    But didn't find HD sound manager

    Removed and installed old driver from original dvd of my motherboard..

    Works fine.

  • Thanks. 2:10 worked for me 😀

  • Thank you very much Britec09…finally my problem is resolved .Thank You again!

  • my realtek file ended up in x86 program files, and the file does not even have all an HDA folder, it just has drivers and install shield. The drivers doesnt even appear in device manager. what do i do?

  • Sorry for my english,,,Hello, thank you for your video,,,, I can't realize wich version should I have to install in my notebook,, My Compaq has a combo jack and NOTHING I plug in is recognized as a MIC, in spite the symbols and the instructions indicate that I can plug in a headphone with mic as same as mobile phone OR a stereo headphone OR a mic with stereo jack,,, NOne mic works in this combo jack since,,, since windows actualizacion!! a MENU should appear in the single round symbol at audio manager,, but,, it doesnt… Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina! great video

  • What do I do If I cannot find realtek high definition under the Sound, Video and game controller tab?

  • there in my files and everything but when i click on anything it just doesnt wanna load up

  • Oh I love you! You fixed it. I was disabling/enabling the options in the 'Audio' section and not the 'Sound' – why they are 2 separate sections is beyond me! But your vid solved it. Muchos Gracias x

  • The latest Windows 10 update fucked my day and night up. Thanks for this, i'm hoping after i restart i'll finally have sound back again. But i'll be moving to Linux Mint ASAP tho so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Granny Bill

  • Thank you so much! I had this issue ever since my laptop updated and I could not find the answer anywhere. This video was such a big help!

  • but if in the device manager in the sound of video and game controllers I have instead of realtek a high definition audio hd there is synaptic smartaudio hd ? In this case, I can not put realtek in a high definition there?

  • Only fix that helped me is to go to motherboard manufacture site and download from their site

  • thank u so much bro u r a life saver

  • Thank you am really blessed by your help, actually I was having problem with my dell laptop but today I have seen your video and I was fixed.

  • Every time there's an update, especially with ICUE, butr also with Nvidia… Go back to control panel and make a shortcut to your desktop

  • thank you


  • i cant hear you

  • I don't have Realtek I have Synaptics Audio, what's the difference?

  • Well done, you are an expert.

    Your next goal should be to force frikken Bill Gates and his Microsoft company monopoly to stop destroying our software setups on our PC's.

    Just joking…

    But really how about a tutorial on how to stop your apps being overridden by Microsoft updates.

    It stops VLC

    and basically all of my favorite apps from being launched.
    It resets it to Edge / Films and Tv etc. ANNOYING.

  • great help

  • wow so smart making a video like this without subtitles

  • Honestly, this should not be this difficult is Realtek's site were to just offer the drivers normally by naming them properly as opposed to having the names as numbers. Downloading from their website is horrifically slow as well.

  • can someone tell me how to install the cat or the cad file which he was talking about in the video

  • Thanks

  • worked for me. the sound had rectified Thanks.

  • womanwoman

    Author Reply

    All I had to do was restart lol

  • I also can't find realtek on my laptop 🙁 not on device manager too what should I do?

  • I cant hear what hes saying how does this channel expect me to fix my computer

  • i fucking hate those people with long and boring videos without any true solutions pleas do another strategy 🙁 -.-