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[FULL PRESS CON] Covid-19: Multi-ministry Task Force (08/05/20)

The multi-ministry task force said on Friday (May 8) that all 9,000 staff and 16,000 residents at nursing homes will be tested for Covid-19, by early June. So far, all except one staff at Ren Ci @ AMK tested negative.

From May 12, all TCM halls will be allowed to sell retail products. But the same safe distancing measures must be in place before these medical halls can start operations.

With about three more weeks to the end of the circuit breaker, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said that the restrictions won’t be lifted completely after June 1. The easing of measures will be gradual. Even for workplaces where workers are allowed to return, more precautions will have to be taken, said Mr Wong. For instance, using the digital check-in system called SafeEntry, and enhancing technology like the TraceTogether app to speed up contact tracing.


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  • Good Great Job … for identifying & arresting the RENCI staff Covid case. Can't imagine what impact that 1 covid staff may have caused.

  • World is watching Sg. With 30k by End May, investors will leave. Downfall of PaP

  • Why need to keep looking down at paper? Very unprofessional. Should have been more well-prepared.

  • GKY is trying very hard to appear relaxed when he is actually shitting in his pants whenever he appears on live telecast . His nervousness is evident when he Even Misreads His Printed Speech . He's also habitually pointing fingers 👈 👉 at the others
    to answer questions and mostly has
    something to " add on " After The question Is Answered . This was to
    disguise his embarassment for remaining silent for too long .

  • Did i heard "Severe Disease"?? Wuhan virus is not as deadly as sars.

  • What no Q&A how about the un-ans question from previous conference?

  • Barber will be open?

  • Looking forward…expecting(hopeful) to see the ZERO local corona case!

  • Sorry, minister… Still many not using mask….

    Saw some smokers hold a cigarette but not smoking and no mask!

  • I like the efforts done for the seniors. Like Desmond detailed explanation. LW is getting better and better.

  • The whole world is watching including journalists from various countries and here we have ministers using acronyms freely as if the only audience are the local people. As an international city there is a requirement that the messages are concise and readily understood without the need for translation.

  • A senior deep concern, the weakest link has yet to be contained. When will we be able to see a single digit transmission like in some other eastern lands.

  • Thanks to covid ,i now sleeping in a church

  • I love Singapore more than ever now. Thanks to Covid-19.

  • Can the press conference be recorded with better sound control such as can it be louder? It’s not a lockdown so the cases will not disappear yet unless something happen.

  • The government should consider letting everyone take their lives into their own hands. Everyone need to live with the choices they make in life. If they do not want to protect themselves by wearing mask and avoid crowded places and observing hygiene, then they will have to live with the consequences. At the same time, the government should not subsidies medical treatment for Covid 19, whoever gets infected will need to pay the full cost which may amount to more than $30,000. Instead of making the government seem like an authoritarian by fining those who don't wear mask in public and don't observe social distancing. Making clear the high cost for treatment for Covid 19 infection to the public will encourage many to keep the recommended measures individually. This will save the government from doing so much enforcement especially when some stubborn people do not comply. This way, the economy will not suffer a deep crises and will stop mass lay off due to business failure.

  • Keep up the good work, Singapore!

  • Could you please record so that the volume is higher please ?

  • Continue to lockdown the economic will comes to a stage of no return.

  • It sound like the seniors have become misfits in transiting to the Beast system. Many have lost their job and their age are below 65 years old restricting them to be self reliance by withdrawing their own CPF Saving.

  • SeanSean

    Author Reply

    Now is school holidays. Scores of young people are having gathering in various locations in parks. Saw them in Tampines and Simei. Good to implement a night shift SDA enforcement officers.

  • Same thing same story no end

  • Nobody ask u to listen to the task force conference. Those who criticise the task force either you're sleeping all this while cos you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that the hundreds are migrant workers (community/PRs are so low continuously). Pls wake up and look around.

  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂107 days, over 21k, 20 death. No sign of stopping. What give them the courage to hold conference again n again n again 🤔🤔🤔🤔