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Garen: A History of The Worst Champion In League of Legends

Today, let’s talk about the worst champion in the game for patch 9.15 and 9.16, and in league of legends history, Garen. Garen is the worst champion in LOL Esports History, and garen is the least successful champion the history of League of legends pro play and league of legends LCS competitive play. LOL Esports has almost never seen Garen being played.

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U.GG for Garen Top Lane Runes And Build on U.GG

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Patch 9.16 on the PBE on surrender at 20

Adrian von Ziegler’s Celtic Moonsong, amazing song and great music, please go check it out!

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LEC Summer Split G2 Esports vs Vitality S9 world championship

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  • It was an honor for us, for a player of ours, help you make this video. It was a good ending for Garen, maybe the future smile an shine bright to him. =D

  • Garen, the CARP of Demacia?

  • I remember when I built my garen with Sunfire cap + Black Cleaver + Spirit Visage + Infinite edge + Mercury Tab in season 2… imortal

  • WiiGiWiiGi

    Author Reply

    What's the song in the end?

  • ''garen is crap in competitive''
    Riot Games: Observe

  • Garen's Passive: Perseverance

  • good

  • Rekkles: I’m gonna end start this mans whole career

  • now one day i will try for competitve and so far ive only played garen so we will make it reach up

  • I mean garen yumi bot anyone


  • how stupid can you be XD

  • I love garen but man.. i dont understand why mana is athing. either everyone has mana, or no one has mana. its stupid as fuck

  • Well there is nothing surprising about this.
    Garen is a faceroll champion. You have no skillshots. Barely any of his abilities need even as much as a click.
    His kit is good, he has movement, slow resistance, damage resistance, silence, execute, and some burst but, aside from a little zone control and that silence…all he offers is the ability to secure a kill or so, in other words, steal a kill from a carry. And that's about it.

  • This didn’t age well huh, don’t visit Vegas anytime soon bro ily

  • Fuck you Man

  • Imagine how crazy it would be if lol characters appeared in a wreck it Ralph movie. The least picked characters crying alone in the corner.

  • love garen. so simple and fun to play.

  • NICE

  • Now Rekkles has actually played him and it was as an adc to be even more funny

  • Garen is the Master Yi of the top lane.
    Good thing is, I literally always ban him so I don't have to hear his autistic shouts never again.

  • Well know with Garen's mini rework, you can do this, Garen + Infinity Edge + Yummi = A walking nightmare for thanks and adc xD.
    This Garen is a winner now xD.

  • 2:49 song?

  • WugzWugz

    Author Reply


  • Huh, this would actually give a huge comical reason for Dante Axe Production to have Garen as his mascot. Also, if the meta were to shift back to Season 1, where anything could be picked along with a support, Garen might see play but only as might.

  • Undertail music is best music

  • Today in late game enemy garen killed me and all of my teamates garen is know a very strong hero i think he got buff but every time i play garen all i do is dont chase enemy only kill minions and when i riych level 12 i will kill my enemys and we win yay.

  • You r the worsh chamo :c