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Global Tour Peru: Highlights of the Event!

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Lima is the capital and an economic center of Peru, the City of the Kings. Having many nicknames, this city still has one core. Gold culture is widely respected and popular here. What a sky-sign for the third and the last of Global Tour 2016 events in Latin America to take place! What is remarkable about this event?
First of all, it was lasting for two days in the luxurious Westin Lima & Convention Center Hotel. A very authentic and distinctive fountain by the entrance attracted a lot of attention, and the Online Gold Shop customers were eagerly making photos next to it. Approaching the hotel, they were waving their national flags and cheered the atmosphere with their smiles. After the registration at the reception when all admission wristbans were delivered to the guests, the conference hall opened its doors for attendees. A giant display onstage allowed every guest to follow the presentations of every single Global Tour Peru speaker.
The hall was full, there was barely room to move. Customers were listening to the speakers and company executives with enthusiasm and were enchanted with a special surprise: a dance routine by fascinating performers in red and white garments.
The award ceremony was the most anticipated and delightful moment of the evening. Many customers were proudly honoured with a well-deserved prize from the hands of Director of Development.
The final flourish of the night was an astonishing cake in the shape of a gold bar.

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