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After 4 days in Hoi An we head off on a road trip up the coast to Hue, first stopping at Marble Mountain in Danang. We then head to Ba Na Hills with the intention of visiting the Golden Bridge until we discover it is incredibly expensive and part of a rather unusual theme park! From there we drive along the Hai Van Pass that was made famous in Top Gear and on to one more stop before we arrive in Hue.

That evening we head out for our first local meal in Hue and try many of the local specialities including Banh Beo, Banh Uot Thit Nuong & Bun Thit Nuong.

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Du Lịch
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  • Ba Na Hills is a themed park controlled by one of the biggest business groups in Vietnam, of course it's not cheap. But you get to enjoy all of their services like cable cars, games, movies theater and more. So if you only wanted to take pictures on the bridge, it'd be a good call to leave. But it's a nice place to hang out in an entire day especially for families with kids.

  • I would also definitely save my money more worth than just an IG photo or something of Ba Na Hills. If no tourist will not visit Ba Na Hills coz of overpricing, soon they will realize that. So, as long as someone is paying to see it, overpricing continues haha. 🤔

  • Awesome that they have video so you could see that it wasn’t going to be worth it! Always such a bummer when something you wanted to see so bad doesn’t work out though. Would you recommend going even if you can’t see the sight itself or don’t want to pay?