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How to Download Microsoft Office 365/2019 Full Version for free (UPDATED 22/08/2019)


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How to Download Microsoft Office 365 Full Version for free (UPDATED 22/08/2019)



*Remember to press the “ENTER” key when you run the “activate.cmd” file*






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Products included with Office 365:
Microsoft Access 2016
Microsoft Excel 2016
Microsoft OneNote 2016
Microsoft Outlook 2016
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word
Skype for Business
…and other small Tools


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  • Bro your method works totally!
    I have already liked the video, hope it helps you. And here is some advice from me for al the latest viewers as the website's interface has changed. the website no more has an option for other install options, but now you will have to click on the hyperlink view other install options. Then just follow the same process. After you copy all information in the notepad, just save as all files, and not .txt (according to my knowledge). After saving it, then DO NOT forget to run the .cmd as admin, because i mistakenly did not run it as admin and the process did not work. After all of this, it will surely say product activation successful. then open any office app, and here there is another process not mentioned in the video (might not have been there when video was released). You should remember the information that you gave when you created the account in the starting. Give that information in (email will already be there, somehow). After that its all done!😁

    Hope this helps as there are a lot of changes, but the process is still functional.👏

    Thanks again, @Hax Guru

  • code didnt worked please help bro

  • when i open the given link, its not the same with what appears on your screen. where can i copy the link that you have used in this video?

  • Hey guru ji you did it.🙏🙏

  • Is this Legal sir?

  • doesnt work

  • all the links does't work please do help sir

  • Additional step not included in the video but @Sushanth Lingala
    highlighted it first: After running the cmd file as an Admin and seeing the product activation successfully message. Lauch an Office app and it will ask you login. Enter your username and Password you created at the start of the video and you'll be good to go! Ignore the KMS server failed message in the cmd window, it will attempt to do it again and then the 'product activation successfully' message will appear. When I first launched an app it asked me to login so i thought it didn't work. Once I logged in, I was able to use all the Office apps. You might also need to disable 'Windows Defender Firewall' before running the cmd file.. I had to do this before i was able to run the cmd file succesfully.

  • A NA N

    Author Reply

    i got the message " The connection to my KMS server failed ! Trying to connect to another one… Please wait…. i tryed all 3 codes and for the first 2 i got the message that it's a virus threat

  • my antivirus said it was a virus and immediately deleted it

  • Dude what if my license is only expire can I usethe dame technique?

  • thanks a lot bro

  • hello Hax Guru I am already having the office 365 version so I have to uninstall it to install office 2019 pro plus

  • 25/05/2020 Wanted office 365, got 2016 pro plus instead but i guess thats my fault because i installed 32 bit (whatever that means) . Anyway, this works great. Thanks!

  • GannGann

    Author Reply

    Thanks a lot !

  • account creat krte time user id me "Yourcompany" me error aa rha he ? usme me kya dalna he ?

  • is this not dangerous code ? can allow hack

  • Thankyou so much for this man it didn't happen at firt then I opened it as administrator then it got successful thanks bro

  • I’m a university student and I want to get that free office package. There is a rule that we should sign in to office 365 with our university mail but when I enter the mail it said “the user ID does not exist “. So now what should I do??Plz help me I want quick access🥺🥺. ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️

  • Doesnt work…

  • Just buy it here…its full version and other people can use it. pretty cheap for what it does, then the illegal one – https://amzn.to/2LOvQOs

  • If you hear indian voice speaking, pretty sure it'll work!

  • M&MM&M

    Author Reply

    Hi Guru ,, I can't find the link below

  • RızaRıza

    Author Reply

    this really works?

  • Hi. soooo… i have one question. Why would anyone want office 365 if he gets most of the important programs from 2016. thanx for answer.

  • Whats link