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How To Fix High RAM Memory Usage In Windows 7 [Tutorial]

How To Fix High RAM Memory Usage In Windows 7

Topics addressed in this tutorial:
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svchost high memory usage Windows 7
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This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).

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  • Note: On Windows 10, Superfetch has been renamed "Sysmain". This does not effect Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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  • Sir, I did all ur steps but it's still laggy, i think the last owner(second hand pc) did something wrong on the RAM, pls help me and then my friend says that I should clean it and switch the RAM to another position.

    THANKS MAN!!!!!!!

  • not helpful, just reinstall Windows, all the programs were there before Ram has started to keep rising in % and remaining like that, even if nothing is running. it must some ware shit that is running hidden.

  • There is this process called gamepanelkexternal.exe and after i end process it keeps coming back even i kept end process it, what do i do? please help me its eating all my ram

  • Thank you.. thank you so much.. love you dude… again thank you so much .. i was stuck on exporting problem of edited video due to low ram.. thank you man.. you are great now i can upload videos

  • Did not work 🙁

  • What do I do if my ram usage reaches at least 80-90% even when nothing is open , no bg processes too

  • 75nw75nw

    Author Reply

    Do NOT do this! msconfig can destroy your pc even if you mess with it the slightest bit! Not happy, broke my pc.

  • My ram usage was at 89% i onlyhave 2gb ram. After this it turned to 30% but after a few minutes it came vack to 88% :<

  • This is not working for me
    After starting the pc in 5-10 mnt without touching any thing the ram usage gose to 100%

  • Thanks for your help

  • Tysm this help alot!

  • Syx5Syx5

    Author Reply

    helped alot thanks man !

  • Thanku…it worked !!

  • It is
    Still showing 99% memory usage I did all steps

  • thanks this helped rly
    (btw i saw te comments do u say smthing else than your welcome too? xd)

  • That worked. Thanks alot for the easy to follow instructions.

  • Thank you!

  • THE BEST HUMAN THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I find the services but I cannot run them, even from admin.

  • My ETS2 (Mod Include Promods, RoExtended, YKSRSK and More) Crashed while using mod and high ram usage. can you help me?

  • thx matte you help me alot I have one question you have some advice how to fix eac on faceit my windows is service pack 1 but eac looking for that I am pretty confused..

  • On my pc it uses 167% more than it should be

  • Thank you so much dude

  • I really wanna play steam and it says i need to fix my ram

  • Thanks for the tutorial

  • thanks man

  • love this! i have 3gb of ram and i boot up my laptop and open you tube. kinda laggy. ilooked at my memory optimizer and it ate 2.5gb of ram! i dont know whats eating up my ram. but when ifollowed this tutorial, and bam! my ram saved haft of its capacity! thanks for this video!

  • From 96% to 24%. Thanks for the video.

  • Went from 1.5 Gigs to 500 mb

  • Thanks you really helped me out bro

  • Plzz some one tell me what is the normal usage when not doing any work in pc

  • Any downside of this method?

  • lol first thing is to use windows search and I disabled that in the last 'speed up windows 7' vid godammit

  • dumbass intro

  • how to find superfetch in russian

  • Hello! I just wanna ask if you know how to automatically save screenshots in Windows 10? Thanks! I can't find any helpful videos.