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In this video we went on a day trip to Hue with GoAsiaDayTrip. It was a private tour which included a tour guide, we visited many amazing historical tombs and palaces during the day and spent hours walking around the famous imperial city. The tour also included some amazing food and a nice boat ride. We highly recommend doing this day trip 😀



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  • Were supposed to be there but cancelled due to covid

  • How much dd u paid Carol for dat tour!?

  • I like the restaurant you have lunch at. Must be close the Huong river as you come off the boat and walk straight to that awsome place.

  • Looks delicious

  • In Da Nang, there is no shortage of motorbike rental addresses, but to get a prestigious one, you need to : website : http://bit.ly/DaNangMotorbikeRental

  • Why is Carol so awkward? She always looks like she doesn't want to be there.

  • Hue,Green city

  • Carol handled the hair touching well. They love touching my wife and my dreadlocks too 😂 Love your vlogs!

  • This is a amazing video :), love your attitude and your respect to the culture and history in Hue.
    But this is some fact you should change.
    The first tomb was built from 1840 and was finished in 1843 not 300 years old.
    They kept the body of the emperor in secret to protect the body of the emperor from all kind of enemies.

    The citadel and imperial palace was built from 1802 , 800 years ago this land even not belong to Vietnam 🤣, Hue belongs to Vietnam since 1306

    The citadel is 10 km in perimeter not the palace.

    The palace only has 4 gate in in 4 side
    The citadel has 10 gates

    The temple is the shrine of the emperors
    The first one to workship the father of the first king of Nguyễn dynasty . The second one to workship the emperors.

    And the forbidden city is not right 🙂

    The guide was young and she definitely not from Hue. The tour in Hue is the most difficult tour. Hue once the capital and culture and religious center of Viet Nam. To guide the tour in Hue requires a lots of self researching.

    My suggestion is: if you want to have a day trip from Da Nẵng to Hoi An ask the company to organize a tour guide from Hue. 🙂

    I’m not a hater, but don’t like it when travel loggers tells the wrong facts.

  • I love your videos! is true Carol looks like Alessia Cara !!!

  • not king but emperor  and the guy is first guy to name all the province not the city I think but then province and city of now day are not 100% the same ( name had change , aka in his period ho chi minh city is know as Gia Dinh then french come and the name become Saigon then ho chi minh )of his period and also not all province are still under Vietnam control ( aka part of  Cambodia used to be a Vietnam province during his period , same for part of lao ) ( what made Vietnam and japan diffirent from korea is that we both dare to declare our self emperor ( aka equal to china ) while korea only declare them self great king and king ( cause they live right next to the china capital ) not sure but I think the body are still in the tomb , the tour guide just overhype about Chinese invasion ( good luck trying to invade us we will made them bleed like our ancestor did and kick them out like our ancestor 🙂 ) and they know it  ( the only case I can see they invade us is by taking our island in the spartly like they did in paracel )

  • Hi mate great video I was in Saigon about 3 years ago I went on a few tours I want to go back and visite the north such a lovely country

  • This video is great, I really like it. You can follow me to see more interest video about travel Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Thank you!!

  • To Jumping Places: I just wanted to say that you look very young, how old are you 22? Secondly where do you get all this money to "gallivant" all around the world while everyone else has to work? It makes me feel jealous that I have to live my everyday boring life working but hardly any time for myself to see new places.

  • Excellent video quality and content. Thank you

  • Do you know the name of the place you had lunch at? We are going to be in Hue on the 5th of Feb. and would like to take a tour and include lunch. Thank you. Cheryl

  • that first place you stopped, with the mountain separating the south and north – how far was that from Hue? And can you give the name of that place? Thanks, great video!


  • Hue from Da nang and quang tri

  • What singer do they think Carol look like? Hi Carol!!!!

  • The ancient city of Hue is so beautiful. Thank you for the tour for an awesome blog.

  • How did you explore the ancient city of Vietnam?

  • cheap tour 😊👍❤

  • Awesome vid!

  • Any plans for after Europe?

  • Also tour guide as well?

  • Including boat ride as well?

  • Including great food as well?