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Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple

iPhone 12 Flip Introducing video 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 Flip is Finally HERE with Triple Camera + LiDAR Scanner and Innovative Flip display.

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This concept was created by iOS BETA News # Exclusively to CONCEPTSIPHONE!

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  • Woowwww

  • م اعتقد لكن يارب صدق

  • still no space for the headphone jack

  • #GaLaXyZfLiP

  • #galaxy Z FLIPP

  • After a few hundred times folding.. The screen still OK?

  • Is this confirm? This is only a concept, right?

  • Apple have always made bar phoned, just copying samsung with the z flop sorry I mean flip

  • How are they gonna make u phone case

  • cuando va estar listo ojala y no le pase lo que paso con samsung flip

    se dana la pantalla

  • This is pure STUPIDITY…. but stupid people will buy anything even a iphone ROLL which will be like a ball… but its not their fault. Its just that they have too much money up their assess…

  • I don’t really like it :/ I just don’t think the flip concept suits it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • The way this thing flips over doesn't make sense from usability perspective. Certainly you don't know Apple and how they make their products.

  • Fake

  • For everyone saying flip phones are useless I dare you to try to fit a normal phone on a woman’s pants pocket.

  • Why is the little screen upside-down

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip :v

  • Even if Apple will release a flip phone it won't be a model so similar to the Z Flip, if it does it'll get a lot of backlash from the community and may even be sued by Samsung since the design is basically copy and pasted. Great video tho

  • Very nice 👍

  • I don’t like it

  • Iphone without notch ? Never xD

  • isn't this just an iPhone 11 with extra steps?

  • Foldable phones is a bad joke. They always sucked.

  • The external screen is on the wrong end of the phone.

    When you close a flip phone, you close the top down. Not the bottom up.

  • Is this really the iPhone flip?
    I hope it's not…
    For me, The design is just like the Samsung galaxy z flip & Motorola flip combined.
    So disappointed…

  • I would really like an iPhone Flip, because i want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro, but i like the Z Flip. I love it!!!

  • Oh gosh no its a z flip just with apple specs we dont need a fail phone in apple flag ship line!

  • Galaxy zFlip ????

  • Steve Jobs must be very sad to see this from above.

  • Very ugly. Thankfully apple will never make such a device.

  • Somebody send this to the Apple team

  • Is it likely that Apple will release a flip phone this year?

  • God no plz don't give apple this design. Everything that is holy never never never never never never never.

  • I love flip phones i want an apple to relase flip phones of

  • LOL! What idiot 3D animated this retarded PoS?
    The camera moves as if its hold by a monkey with an epileptic seizure.
    I've done 1000X better Ads with the shitty 3D Studio for DOS 25 years ago. #IdiotsEverywhere

  • Maybe it is impossible.😌

  • You freaking copied Samsung

  • Kitne paiso ka he

  • Oh God no. Foldable screens are a NIGHTMARE.