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Lee Min-ho finds Kim Go-eun in a parallel world | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

Fairy tales weren’t lying when they said Prince Charming would appear on a white horse 😍

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  • Sorry but no chemistry
    It felt nothing when he hugged her

  • Well I'm still a bit confused, but I'm almost there
    As lmh said in the presscon that he himself quite confused at first reading the script
    Cant just wait for the 3rd ep

  • Wow…😍😍😍😍loving it…

  • When will invite them for special interview?

  • Did you know .. that I'm riding this horse backward? Ok. Bye. 😂✌

  • I don’t think KGE can form any chemistry with anyone as much as with dokkebi, hit me. (maybe I’ll regret saying this afterward but …welp…)

  • I love her so much!!! She is the best actress and amazingly beautiful!!!!

  • It's been so long lee min ho oppa😭
    And this Ost made me asdghjk https://youtu.be/QBLpIdZFTgE u guys have to listen this

  • Interesante me encanta mi actor favorito

  • I love the first 2 episodes so far. Don’t know why people are criticizing it.

  • I want the jenga with this perfect couple

  • It's on Netflix but not in each country where you have Netflix.

  • Minho is so beautiful, handsome, gorgeous 😍❤ Charming waiting for his comeback was all I had been waiting. watching this kdrama because my Prince is the main actor . 💜

  • OMG I can already say that the OSTs gonna good ♥️♥️♥️

  • Lee Min Ho forever ✌️💙

  • Title please

  • Other say Kim Go Eun is not beautiful but heck! She's oozing with acting talent. They have chemistry and they both act perfectly to their given roles. Their acting compliment each other… From Gong Yoo, Jung Hae-in & Lee Min Ho, how about Hyun Bin comes next well, not bad idea right?😊😘

  • AppyAppy

    Author Reply

    Kim go eun is queen. She knows how to act exactly in each drama. Aprt from gong hyo jin only Go eun has that charm. Well lee min ho acts same in every drama. He is so good looking but lacks somewhat in acting. Just a view of mine though.

  • Honestly 2nd episode in, I just want to know if maximus will be able to go back to the other world. Pls take care of maximus!

  • tamang spoiler sa sarili 😂

  • She is the reason why I'm watching this. ♥️

  • Those steps are magical wow😊

  • Okay. Lee min ho is amazing beautiful… I can’t wait for more episodes to come out…anybody else?

  • I’d watch this but not Netflix

  • 드라마인생33년 은숙이언니는 항상 옳았기에.. 4회까지 참고 보겠어. 아직까지는 재미를 못찾았어… ㅠㅠ

  • 好看· ·的戲···晚安·

  • Esta pareja no tiene nada de química aparte el drama hasta ahora fue aburrido quizás cambie pero la química de los protagonistas no

  • I've been waiting for a long time for this kdrama to air.

  • Buti pa si lee min ho nkita n nya maging queen nya sa hinaharap si wang so 🌙❤️ kelan kays sila magkita

  • pls let they do interview together netflix 😍😍😍 or game whatever, we need more content😤😤✊

  • This OST is life ❤️

  • Kim Go Eun is so lucky :<