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Love & War 2 | 사랑과 전쟁 2 – Office Wife (2014.07.27)

[Encore Marriage Clinic Love & War 2 | 앙코르 부부클리닉 사랑과 전쟁 2 ]
– Ep.2: A couple has come to meet with the committee for married couples. “Office wife? Shouldn’t there be just one wife be it at the office or at home?” The workaholic husband and the wife with too much work on her hands. The home is merely a place where her husband comes for sleep. Meanwhile, the former girlfriend of the husband joins the company. She takes care of the husband with extreme care. Eventually, they end up in the same room while on a business trip.
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  • The wife is ugly

  • 더러운새걸레네

  • 민지영이나한고은이나한예슬이나김남주나김선아나모듬못난이셋트들성형이진짜좋구먼

  • 개미친년그래서잠을같이자자고????오피스창녀구먼

  • 8:40 이런거하지마세요~~

  • 댓글 웃기네. 애도 아니고 생일 한번 안챙겨 줬다고 와이프가 먼저 잘못했다니. ㅉㅉ

  • Yes, the husband should have told his wife about his ex in the first and shouldn't have lied about going to the business trip alone but that was just a coincedence and just work matters. What matters most is that the husband did not cheat on his wife which directly relates to one thing that matters the most in any marriage "TRUST" but the bigger problem is the wife itself. The way she acts and reasons with her behaviour and attitude towards her husband is just unfair. What? She couldn't be nice to her husband because she had to take care of the kids? What nonsense reasoning is that? Every mom has to take care of their kids, I dont see them ignoring their husbands and treating them with less respect. First she forgot his birthday, made bean sprout soup whixh she knows he absolutely hates, forgot to do small things that takes just minutes like fixing his buttons, ironing shirts, etc and the biggest mood off is when she didn't wanted to spend romantic and intimate time with him even if it was just hugging, cuddling and talking nice things to him. And lastly, I can't believe she didnt even credit or show gratitude about him taking responsible over that one night stand. There are more percentage of people who wouldn't not want to take responsibility over one night stand which was just supposed to be fun and just for literally one night. The audacity she showed is just something no one should tolerate even if it's the same thing shown by men towards women. Like i said, there were things the husband should have come clean with but that is not the cause of reason of ruining this marriage, it's the wife of how she behaves with him, how she treats him and how she just considered and be judgemental about things on her own with her clouds of doubts. Poor husbands has been nothing but just taking, resisting and tolerating for her sake. Even if there are almost to none problems in marriage, all it takes is just one doubt like the wife shown and it can all fall apart. The husband had some wrong doings but the bigger issue was with the wife.

  • 이러니까 미투에 부들대는구나… ㅋ

  • soi ssoi s

    Author Reply

    한쿡에선 못보게 막아놨네.참나

  • The office wife is quite sneaky😖😤😡

  • This mother in law of their’s has effected their marriage 😰😭

  • 회사 김과장 개소리 하는거 저건 완전 성희롱이잖아

  • he didn't cheat but that's not right

  • That was not ex girlfriend's right to be nosy about the wife.

  • 저게무슨이혼사유냐.

  • He needed to think twice about his wife. But the wife is the badest one. If she didn't sleep and work as her husband, why would he think about the things like "Office Wife"? And she mentioned that he left her alone. She is the one that makes him leave her. And the fact is that they never had a relationship after the marriage. His wife is overthinking and very rude.

  • It is extremely odd that Junseong didn't cheat on his wife on Love & War.

  • I really want to say all cheaters are bastards and I was never on their side no matter what. But if your man who can resist this kind of situation? If your man and blame this guy your either lying to your self or never imagined if this happened to your self. Im not saying what he did was right but any other man Probly did the same…

  • One thing I've always believed marriage should include along with love, is trust, fidelity, respect, honesty & never going to bed angry.  Your bed only becomes a silent battlefield if you do.  This wife forgets the guys birthday, refuses to have sex with him once her mother moves in, and doesn't trust him.

     Being a mother & homemaker is VERY important, but not to the point you forget why you wanted a family in the first place…you fell in love…and there is no love happening in that house… But to be fair, I've never seen a K=drama where suspicion hasn't been one of the key elements of Korean life. 

    Assuming the worst seems to be the norm, and trust is absent in almost all Korean dramas.  Tsk, tsk, tsk…where's the love eh?  …lol….This wife is selfish, insecure & jealous.  Being a 'house person', you take on that responsibility willingly right? …apparently not in this case.

  • Office wife? What's her real name? And body know?

  • My question is wat is that song? I heard it in the movie sunny

  • Oh good one!! The revenge was oh so sweet!!

  • 오 마이 갓! 그것은 그들이 그녀가 그와 다른 사람을 선택한 경우 무슨 일이 일어날 지 보여 더 나은했을 것이다.

  • It's very convenient to use the internet to spread dirt about co-workers.  I often wonder about these people's lives when it comes to spreading gossip.  I could never be bothered with what my co-workers were doing with others on the job.  That was their own business and none of mine.  If your own life is busy enough, there's little time to think about others lives.  It's like those idle employees are just trying to find dirt to ruin other people's lives and enjoy doing it.  What goes around comes around.

  • 결혼하지 말자. 저런 결혼생활을 했는데도 남편이 미안해야 하는 이런 결혼 필요없다. 대한민국 대부분의 결혼생활이 이렇다.

  • current wife's fault is also huge. she forgot her husband's birth date even…same as my wife. ha ha.

  • Wow, they have an actual panel of experts now instead of Mr. Robot-sshi! I kinda miss him.

  • Jiyeon is the only one I like in this. Others look so awkward –.–

  • This show shows how you should think about never spending alone time with someone of the opposite sex ESPECIALLY if you dated that person before.

  • But i think there's a problem with his current wife. She's too indifferent to him. Forgetting his birthday was terrible

  • office wife was cute, like an older yewon from jewelry

  • This was good!

  • why must the lawyers be so awkward? what was the walk-off, interview thing? -_-

  • New characters arent attractive

  • I've seen this before but it's still good. It's crazy how a woman with no husband it kids can look down on a housewife. Child please. Take her role for one day, it's hard taking care of kids and a husband.