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MAGICAL DAY IN VIETNAM – Hoi An to Hue, Hai Van Pass

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Epic, epic day exploring Marble Mountain, Motorbiking over Hai Van Pass, and visiting Elephant Waterfall on the way to Hue. Topped the day off by selling my motorbike on the spot to my Vietnamese tour guide from the day. Just an incredible day with so many great experiences. Thanks for watching guys!

November 12, 2016

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Du Lịch
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Du Lịch
  • Where did you stop for lunch between the scenic view of the overpass & the springs? Thanks!

  • Absolutely brilliant video and blog. Our son is making that trip tomorrow and it was awesome to see where he will be. Thank you!!

  • very sweet i go in october

  • Vietnamese cops are thieves they
    Charge a millions to a foreigners,
    40 to 100 a days you do a math, embarrassment in the name of Vietnamese


  • Nice drone shots man !

  • Dude, you and Dan just need to get a room already.
    proof: 11:34

  • I am a fighter in Vietnam on the front line after American left I usually go on hai van pass to chop the wood and catch the train with the wood to make a living now I live in America thank you America for welcoming me here I don't chop wood anymore  I use y knowledge and help America my money make every day right now in America all around the world thank you for reading my comment. Vietnamese paratrooper and thank you major duffy I stay back to fight my last bullet and you got on the helicopter and he survived to tell the story how good Vietnamese fight for democracy on the front line 11th battalion survived battle dc huynh

  • toi da tung di don coui  o hai van canh khon kho khi nuoi my bo toi lai toi phai tiem vuioc bien de tiem tu do

  • Haha, first time to see some drama sequence!

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  • Amazing, loved the elephant.

  • 14:00

  • Hi Jordan. I enjoy watching your videos of Vietnam, and your drone shots are amazing.

    I am planning to travel to Vietnam from April 2017 to June 2017, so I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos lately of people traveling through the country. I plan to backpack from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

    I am from Houston, Texas, and I was born in the US, so this will be my first time back to visit my parents' motherland.

    Keep up the great work! Your videos are very inspiring, and I am using it to make a list of which destinations to visit. Thanks.

  • Wow!! These vlogs are awesome!

  • Awesome!

  • That drone footage by the water fall, that was epic!! Awesome vlog overall Jordan, so many cool things to see!! That's too bad you had to sell your bike, but it was going to happen eventually, time to move on. Thanks for sharing your adventures, take care!!

  • Not that I know anything, but I've noticed that some of your vlogs get way more views than others. I think it's because your title and thumbnail look more interesting. For example CRAZY BAT TEMPLE is definitely going to get more views than MAGICAL DAY IN VIETNAM. Idk just a thought. Not that I make videos and know what I'm doing tho lol

  • NOICE!!!

  • Great vlog, lovely country side. keep safe 👍

  • also dude. i need a drone. That footage was insane

  • yeah boy, went through the same places. So nice.

  • Did you get down into hell at marble mountain? That area you are over lookin from there was called Dog Patch during the war. A large refugee area. The beaches in the area is China Beach which was a big RnR area. Glad to see they got the elevator repaired finally. That hike to the top is rough! I have done it a few times.

  • As soon as I thought he should have flown the drone at Elephant waterfall…….. DRONE FOOTAGE!!

  • Awesome 👌🏼👏🏼

  • good vlog man! were heading that way some time soon 🙂

  • Looks like you met some cool people to hang out with on that motor bike ride!! And what scenery!! Superb!!

  • Damn, i used to live in vietnam: now, thanks to you, i'm missing that awesome country lol

  • again an AWESOME vlog ! You are also almost at 3000 subs man, your channel is growing fast !

  • Awesome bro! Loved the caves, makes me regret the fact that we didn't went there.. well maybe next time! See you next year bro!

  • Great vlogs dude, been watching since the Thailand vlogs keep up the great work👍

  • keep posting brother always looking forward to the next video!

  • man so many things to do and see there, those drone shots 👌
    how much did you sell the bike for?

  • 15:46 haha been in that toilet

  • These. Make. Me. Happy.

  • A JayA Jay

    Author Reply

    Im starting to fall in love with that place

  • Nice work brother!