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NEW Patch 10.11 TIER LIST – League of Legends Guide

League of Legends Patch 10.11 Tier List – The best champions and lol patch 10.11 rundown.
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Written by
Brandon “Hexadecimal” Law

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    4:12 ADC CHANGES
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    16:44 ADC TIER LIST

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  • I want refund!

  • They absolutely ruined Voli they try to say that he was buffed but how his e sucks his old w was an executed and his q made him viable and his passive makes risky plays able to work they dogged the champ for no reason they should’ve reworked udyr

  • Your signup/subscription process on the site isn't working. Keeps saying invalid email.

  • Ad tank akali is my fav meta in 10.11

  • I would like to know why Twisted fate is in the S mid tier list

  • I miss Runeglaive Ez

  • What I learned in this video is to always ban Wukong.

  • Where can nautilus be? Is he still a viable pick?

  • Can't find the MF reference you make 😮

  • Lol. Swing and a miss on the voli predictions

  • I liked tank meta.

  • Hard to take this video seriously when they're saying new voli is better than old voli

  • We aren't talking about grasp of the undying Ashe at 2:43?

  • why on earth is morgana C tier, not saying she's easy but I've had a 5 KDA over 40 games with an 80% ish winrate, she's extremely strong if you have good pathing/knowledge of how to clear properly such as dragging gromp and blue together and knowing your dmg numbers. Her gank power is strong, she has good 1v1 potential jungle wise due to her q and w combo, her teamfights are great and she has the utlity for picks and protecting carries/engagers with spellshield whilst providing a ton of CC, her jungle clear is healthy due to her W healing (morg jungle you max W) and her damage is extremely insane when she's stacked up a juicy mejais

  • volibear most useless jugernaut in the video he killed no one only with assists usless for top

  • Ardent meta. Yes, I am enchanter support, that doesn't have to make me bias. I am bias because I am an enchanter support with an adc duo queue.

  • Funny how swain support is a b tier support with negativ winrate in diamond plus. and a b tier midlane and a trash tier top. There is still high elo onetricks who can make him work with interesting rune setuo. Please rito fix swain.

  • Did this mans say that katarina is in the OP teir after getting her passive damage GUTTED basically making her useless xD my eyessss….

  • Thanks for this video, really appreciated 🙂

  • smite+tp toplane was the most fun

  • fave meta: tank assassins top cause i want to see the world burn