Du Lịch


Nha Trang is known for having an awesome nightlife scene, so we decided to check it out! Even though it was a Wednesday night, we still found plenty of fun things to do.

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Du Lịch
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  • I think Nha Trang is a city where the nightlife will be better if you are with friends or a couple. It's not so great for solo travellers, with far fewer of the kind of bars where you can just sit and get chatting to the other people there.

  • Great vid. Go Mom!

  • Bahn mi, my arse – just like any bagghete with a filling of your choice – where are all the ladies &
    ladyboys – Vietnam sucks

  • …'Til 50K. #CaptGab 👍

  • Nice video thanks. If you guys are not off to Halong bay you should definitely check out Ninh Binh, its like halong bay but on land. Its incredible and less touristy.

  • I just love your videos ❤👌👍🥰 where are you going to travel to after Vietnam? A big hug to you guys and mama 😎🥰

  • Tốt nhất bạn đừng nên ra quảng trường trung tâm thành phố mua đồ , tôi đã từng bị chặt chém ở đó
    1 miếng cá nhỏ 120.000vnd

  • Just added another place to the bucket list! We are going to Vietnam in April, so it's looking like we just added another city to the roster. Thanks for sharing, looks amazing!

  • We got lots of great Banh Mi here in Sydney and so curious with the Banh Mi in Vietnam! hoping we could try one day! must be good 🙂 That's definitely a night life and ending up with ice cream..YUM! 🙂

  • OMG, Gab your mother is a young at heart. Excellent to see you all enjoying yourself and stay safe and the food is wonderful.

  • Just curious… Any concerns about Coronavirus?

  • Lol You guys are so wasted! We loved this! You should do more drunk videos it looked like fun. 😂 You both crack us up. Hope we could meet you two some day.

  • Nice video


  • Lamb kebab is quite nice after some lagers..
    Ice cream was a great idea…more countries should do that at night…but I like baklava at night too..

  • i like drunk Jack and Gab ! you guys are my style of tipsy 🙂

  • do you have footage of you guys the next morning ??? 😀 cause nobody can say that you didn't hydrate yourselves

  • Good ~ Video ~

  • Your mom seems to be having a great time in Vietnam! How are you guys protecting yourself from the Corona epidimic? I'm not sure how it is in Vietnam but stay safe guys❤️❤️
    Happy Travelling ✈️ ✈️

  • I really want to visit this place S it looks beautiful pls myself and wife love a few drinks in the evenings and I love a cocktail 🍹,you look happy and relaxed 😌 safe travels

  • Jack always looks scared with his big eyes. Lol great vlog guys. !

  • Cazy night 😂🤪

  • Fun times🤙 Safe travel's ❤

  • whoa.. Gab, your mom look 20yrs younger in this video… wooot!

  • Lots of Russians in Vietnam
    How was the morning wake up?

  • Nice video jack and Gab Explore are you going to visit Macedoina next month please

  • How are people reacting to the Coronavirus?

  • hahahaha, having fun ya? keep safe, God bless

  • SY LSY L

    Author Reply

    Went there just a few weeks ago, I already miss it! Such a beautiful place

  • I have not been to Vietnam before. After watching your video now at least I have the idea how Vietnam looks like. Thank you ❤