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I drop by one of Vietnam’s best coastal cities en route to Ho Chi Minh City. In the morning I try a local street shave, before visiting the Po Nagar and Long Son Pagoda temples. After a Vietnamese drip coffee, I take an evening stroll along Nha Trang’s popular beachfront.





Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x


1) Dylan Sitts – Melatonin
2) Anders Ekengren – Temple Dusk

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Du Lịch
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  • Thank you for sharing such a nice video!

  • I was like you astonished, did not read a lot before I came there, but I learned that there are direct flights from Russia to Nha Trang, for the Russians it is like for the English in Mallorca or the German in Phuket.

  • Had shave and haircut at same place back in August

  • its because russian tourism companies run direct charter flights to Nha Trang from most major russian cities.. they sell cheap packages to large numbers to fill up the charter planes and fly direct.. and because most russians want the beach for cheap and thats exactly what they get with this packaged tour

  • Nha trang Việt nam đẹp ,thơ mộng và mến khách ok

  • Nice by the ways in india pakistan it is called ustra u were sha ved with not very safe becareful next time.its a good video jason.

  • Nice video www.nhatrang-citytour.com

  • thanks

  • Thank you heaps!! helped us heaps!!! We did the best people watching and adventures in Nha Trang!!! Now onto Hanoi woot woot!!

  • Nhà Trang chặt chém dữ.cạo râu lấy 50k

  • Welcome to Vietnam. Chào mừng đến Việt Nam.

  • I was trying to find a pavement barber for the experience!! But I couldn't find one in old quarter so had to settle for a shop. It would have been 80k but I paid 150k. Maybe next week!

  • Very inspiring video , I see it is not to far by air from Da Nang to Sanya China . NHA TRANG looks inviting & I hear where ever Russian's start showing up investment capital is also showing up also .

  • very cheap and special welcome to nha trang tv

  • Great video. Going to vietna in 2 months

  • Po Nagar is definitely a Hindu temple because it’s evaluated for Bhagavati, a female avatar of Shiva. Vietnamese turned it into a Buddhist temple when they took control of Champa Kingdom (Campa Nagara).

  • Need some tips for da nang

  • I really love a close shave but i always had a phobia for cut throat razors.

  • Very busy road lots of motorcycle traffic on the road is very busy he go to have his shaved very clean face and food lookgood thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video, 30–11–18:

  • One of the funniest things I repeatedly experienced in Nha Trang was the locals expression of relief when they found out that I didn't speak Russian.

  • Is it true there are a lot of Russians there?

    Edit:NVM I just got up to the part where u mentioned the Russians lol

  • You look much younger in this video, wise man

  • I love Bangladesh I love you

  • i like the shaving part, ha ha…. i think about the movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street for some reason

  • I've watched 4 of our videos now and we're about to visit many of the places you've been in Vietnam. I just wanted to thank you for making such informative videos without large amounts of EDM in it lol.

  • What I Feel is You Are Really Polite.. Really Decent.. And You Are Really Hardworking.. Keep Up The Work! Love From Nepal

  • Russian,Chinese tourist communist support each other Lol

  • Jason, very Awesome!! Content!!…. Be safe out there, always in my payers, all the west from Arizona (USA) . PEACE 🙂

  • Nice vlog Jason ^^

  • Beautiful beach, but not all of months. From 9:40 to 10:40.

    Thanks for your good video. But Do Not go to Nha Trang's beaches

    During these 3 months ( later December through to later March) During of these 3 ugly months Ripcurrents, jellyfishes eggs hatching season moths;
    it may be ok to swimming and playing in Nha trang before and after of these 3 ugly months. (Later December to later March). The beaches are very extremely danger from late of December to late of March, Because jellyfish hatching eggs months season. And Ripunder currents appear
    I and my family regularly go there, but we never go there from JANUARY to Early April. Staying away from of these only 3 ugly months. The jellyfish hatching eggs season months , and under Ripcurrents can pull and kill swimmers on the beaches very easily and quickly. I was often there and already saw many people were drowned; because they hit by jellyfish, or were pulling out by Ripunder currents. This link video below is 1 of many accidents anualy happenes often of these 03 ugly months ( late December to Early April) . After of these 03 ugly months; the beaches are safer, ok for playing and swimming.

    Video below about a tourist Russian man hit by jellyfish, was drowned and died in the front of beache's rescuers, and his family when was swimming and playing on Nha trang Beach in later December.



  • Beautiful and interesting town. Nice shave.

  • Wow

  • Thanks

  • Where do you from?

  • Hello! I'm from Vietnam Thank you very much

  • JD AJD A

    Author Reply

    I hope we meet someday Jason

  • I don’t know about orthers but i don’t just shave at the barber, i have a haircut for 30k and the shave is free. (In HCM city)