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Ole Dammegård "The Global Tour of Terror continues"

Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize 2016, is an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies.

His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Oklahoma City and the Boston Marathon etc.

Over the past 25 years, Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders, as well as many other major ‘events’.

Lecture: The Western world have seen more alleged terror attacks this year (2016) than ever before. Horrific massacres in Orlando, Nice, Dallas, Istanbul, Brussels, Paris… Is the world going totally crazy – or are we looking at a series of coordinated, scripted events based on CIA/Mossad’s ‘Strategy of Tension?


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  • comeon…asking for money?? lame….if this guy can travel to all these locations he can afford his own travel to wherever. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE ON YT.

  • lol brussels logo in fake blood on the floor…wow….so lame and pathetic

  • they use crappy old phones to take pics and vids for these cause you cant tell anything in them.Its funny how everyone seems to have a new iphone or samsung and crave the newest phones with amazing cameras yet the fottage we always get is from old crappy camera phones.Totally fake

  • cops are all in on it-many are fake actors playing cops but they need real cops too and they play along.

  • please link more recent vids of this ole person!! excellent

  • Owen Benjamin brought me here.

  • Omar Martine's father showed up to one of Hillary Clinton's rallies durning the election in 2016. He was standing right behind Hillary so you could see him on camera while she spoke. Local news did an interview with him.

  • We should not watch this fake news. We should watch our governments broadcasting.

  • All terrorism is fake. It is a military deception practiced by the rich upon the poor in an ongoing class war. Their most important weapon in this class war are television presenters. The BBC has actually become The Ministry of Truth of George Orwell's 1984….Why is this happening right now? It's happening because we no longer have an enemy. We have an unprecedented situation in which there is only one super state: the Anglo-American alliance…..The ruling group maintain th…eir position in society by controlling the masses through fear. In order to make us believe that we must live in fear, the rich had to provide us with a new foreign enemy, a "bogeyman" who wants to conquer the world. The moment you have a world at peace, the keystone in the arch of ruling class power is gone. Every year America's oligarchs take three trillion dollars out of America's economy. This is how the rich have rigged the system – so that it benefits them at the expense of everyone else all of the time. To keep this fraud going, the public must be convinced of the need for military expenditure, and this is where all of the phony terror attacks come in. Here is Orwell's definition of totalitarianism: ' A society living by and for continuous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force and fraud.'

  • The video of the orlando police dancing was released on July 1. That is more than ten days after June 12, the day of the pulse shooting. It is obviously not a real press conference too. Sorry but this ends your credibility.​I still believe alot of these things are hoaxes but i meed better research than this

  • Christina Grimmie's tweet 'shoot me down bang bang'​ (x3 equal to 3 shots)​was not written right before her murder as Ole states, but 18 months earlier in january 2015. A small point but it does hurt the validity of the presentation

  • Ole Dammegård is brave like Peekay and Anaconda Malt Liquor. He seeks truth in places where it is truly dangerous. In America it is more difficult to imprison or kill people for seeking truth and get away with it…for now.

  • Operation mocking bird working a treat I see, funny guy.

  • phenominal…wow!👍❤😉

  • Hello Olaf and auther Truthers pleaceKontact my stop.chemtrail.terror.schweiz@gmail.com Best wisches Great Work Fredom & LOVE

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  • I found this interesting. Before there was anything like body scanners and all those things before 9/11 there was not any Terror attacks and then all the sudden 9/11 comes and they have to put all of these body scanners in MRI machines and it's just ridiculous. Never heard about any Terror attacks when I was a kid growing up in the seventies and eighties.

  • Is Blanket Man the director turning up in his own action like Alfred Hitchcock did in his movies?

  • First time hearing this man and I love what he talked about. Where can I find more of his talks? What is his name? Thank You

  • They REALLY think we're stupid, and maybe its good that they do under estimate us.

  • London bridge attack right before UK election.

  • The I am comes from the bible.
    Psalm 46:10King James Version (KJV)

    10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

    They take away God in the I am because they are Satanists. Thay take God out of so many things. they give us a globe and fake space to hide God. It doesn't look like this man is a flat earther or a bible believer? There is some globe programming here. However, good presentation so far.

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  • Hey you used a still from my video on the Orlando Pulse Event!