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One Piece Chapter 966 Review "KINGS OF THE ERA"

What are your theories on what exactly is different about Teach’s body and also what did Roger proclaim to Whitebeard and Oden?

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  • My God the storytelling of One Piece is so amazing

  • When will this be animated?

  • For me it looks like this island was the same island rayleigh trained luffy for 2 years. The animals at the begining were the same

  • I think Roger wants to become a shogun 😂😂😂

  • Also, I love it when mysteries that have been around since the early years of One Piece finally get answered. Don't you?

  • My two oldest memories: I am playing with a Kelly doll on a rainy day, in the family room, when my brother comes inside by opening a glass door; the other is walking up the stairs, passing my older siblings hanging out on a bunk bed, and stopping in front of a clothes hamper in front of the bathroom. These memories are so irrelevant! Why do I remember them? Tekking your earliest memory takes the cake!

  • The way Roger says, “I’ll be…” and then we see the reaction to his statement is almost a perfect parallel to when Ace, Sabo, and Luffy were declaring their dreams, and Luffy yells, “I’ll be…” and we cut to Ace and Sabo’s reactions when they declare that they didn’t expect that from Luffy.

    This definitely implies that both Roger and Luffy said the same thing, but that thing was NOT to be the Pirate King. This means that Luffy has a dream beyond just being Pirate King that he has harbored since childhood.

    Personally I think it has something to do with Roger and Luffy’s shared desire to be the freest person in the world.

  • Useless

  • The funny thing is, that Shanks asks Marco to join his crew and he said "No". Big Mom asks King to join her crew and he said "No". Then Roger asks Oden and he said "Yes". 😀 This joke is build up since over 10 years 😀

  • Rogers sword really looks like shusui

  • I gone reborn and become pirate

  • I'd say neither of the two ar the strongest. It's Rox D. Xebec.

  • Anyone else notice Reyleigh is dual wielding in one of these panels?

  • Another way to translate Roger’s attack is “God’s Demise”


  • This gig would be a good news reporter 🤣

  • Loved your review man

    But check this one out this guys on to something


  • it's probably actually LODESTAR because that's an old name for Polaris, the north star that ships used to use to know which way is north

  • Okey, first what a chapter; as expected from oda sensei. Now, according to Roger he reached lodestar 13 years before the current flashback.Once there, using his ability to hear the voice of all things, he got new information about the kozuki clan, the poneglyphs ( Road+Rio) and Laughtale. I must say I am a wee bit confused on two matters: On one hand, I don't understand why Roger went back all the way to find the poneglyphs, I mean if he made it to Lodestar, in the New world, a place fraught with peril and a feat worthy of reckoning, I would assume he already possessed the ability to hear the voice of all things, how come he never heard the voices emanating from the said Poneglyphs,be they Road or Rio, along his journey to the final island? On the other hand, as far as I understood, in order to find the rio poneglyph, one must follow the passage of the poneglyphs in the grand line and it(rio poneglyph) will be completed upon reaching Lodestar (the final Island), according to Tamago there are : 9 Rio Pon ( the only one we know of is the Ohara poneglyph ) and 4 Road pon and the rest are pon that are instructional ( mention locations of the weapons, and letters sometimes) , and the poneglyph on skypiea is not Rio because it tells of Poseidon's location, so what's the importance of going back for ordinary poneglyphs I can't imagine roger with, the little time he's got, being intrested in Poneglyphs that are neither Road or Rio ? granted this is not an ordinary one because it tells of Poseidon in which he has no intrest I presume ! Man is this stuff exciting !

  • when roger trailed off when he was talking to whitebeard and oden is the same way luffy did when talking to ace and sabo, both pretty much said " i'm going to be the pirate king"

  • We have seen Gaban using the double axe's in the chapter 19 as well!

  • 967 spoilers! (Joy Boy is the original owner of one piece trasure before Roger, and Buggy found the Laught Tale treasure map 😀 )

  • Waiting for chapter 967. Damn that was good

  • Black beard has two personalities that's make him different, that's why he did not sleep because they can switch side whose turn to sleep, so meaning he is two people in one body, that's why Luffy said It's them in Mock Town and that is also the reason why he can use two devil fruits in one body ( or Rocks D Xebec Devil Fruit Has the Ability to Enter someone's body who knows? )