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PS3 Emulation | The Complete Guide to RPCS3

In this Complete Guide to RPCS3, I will show all the most up to date settings for the Best Possible Game Compatibility and Performance in this PS3 Emulator.

No BS..No Filler…Just the Best Settings for your Emulated Games


Install Before using RPCS3


Open SSL installer for use with the RPCS3 Autoupdater:

PS3 Firmware

PS3 Updates App

Patch File (60 FPS & Mods Fix)

P5 Portraits Fix Mod

To update your current install of RPCS3 to the latest version:
1. Download the latest version from
2. Extract all files from the archive to your current RPCS3 install folder.
3. When asked, confirm that you want to replace all files.


Guide Beginning 0:48
Updating Games 5:10
Global Emulation Settings 9:40
P5 Settings & Config 11:30
P5 60 FPS & Portraits Fix Mods 15:27
Demons Souls 60 FPS Setup 23:07
Red Dead Redemption Settings 27:40


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► My PC Specs:
i7 8700k @5.0Ghz
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz RAM
GTX 1080ti 11gb
256gb NVME M.2 SSD

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  • so where could i able to download the games?

  • do you need a ps controller to play the last of us?

  • How do you actually get the games?

  • Thanks for your sharing , i have a problem when i start the game(Lollipop Chainsaw) ,the RPCS3 show error : Not enough available space .The application will be teminated space needed : 1904448503KB , please tell me what can i do ,THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • Avast says it has idp.ares.generic

  • dude i like minecraft

  • In case people having trouble of finding "ppu exe" in the emulator, I believe that the log inside the RPCS3 emulator doesn't show all the lines in later versions, which usually end up no "ppu exe" result.

    Here's what you need to do:

    1. Once running the game with "trace" enables in log until the Thieve Guild shows up, close the game AND the emulator itself.

    2. Go to the root inside the RPCS3 folder, you will see there is a log file called "RPCS3.log". Go ahead, click on it and open it as a text file.

    3. Inside the log file, you will notice that the whole activities when you were running the RPCS3 last time got recorded.

    4. Now, find the line where includes PPU executable hash and there you go.
    (Thankfully, this line is kinda near to the top of the beginning so it would be easier to track it down.)

    The line you want to find is something like this:

    ·! 0:00:XX.XXXXXX ppu_loader: PPU executable hash: PPU-XXXXXXXXXX (<- 0)

    (I think the hash you have is unique but you get the idea)

  • Does it work for mac ???

  • LosciLosci

    Author Reply

    i don't have mod.cpk in my game folder, the game is ratchet gladiator

  • i got "program cant start because vulkan-1ddl is missing from your computer"

  • everytime i start the ps3 game updates app it pops up with 2 windows and they both close too fast for me to see what its about. then it doesnt launch. HELP PLEASE!!!

  • clear tutorial much youtuber rpcs3 tutorials are unclear act like child talking. clear explanation. i tought at beginning rpcs3 more complicate than pcsx2 but it's wrong.

  • I did EVERYTHING you said to try to run Red Dead Redemption, but it still doesnt run, it stays between 2 and 7 fps everytime it isn't loading, i consider my pc to be moderate (AMD FX 6300, AMD r7 370 and 12gb of RAM), is there something i'm doing wrong or my pc is just really thrash?

  • you never see it comiiiiiiiiiiing

  • and i have very slow motion in the game..why?

  • hello.i have one issues with the ppu exe.i can't find it..why? and the path is not the name you say in video..is patch.yml and i put the file inside in usrdir..thanks.

  • eMDeeMDe

    Author Reply

    Are you planning to record another video for the new version 0.0.10 how to optimize the RPCS3 emulator?

  • ____

    Author Reply

    If anyone has issues finding the PPU Executable hash just open the RPCS.log file in your RPCS3 main folder and conduct your search there.

  • the instalation of the firmware give a error, someonecan help me?

  • How can i fix this stuttery sound in cutscenes (and sometimes just in the game) in the persona 5? I already have a 50-55 fps, and (if it's important) i have a geforce gtx 1050ti

  • Why do you have ryzen master installed with a 8700k?

  • dude how to save the game everytime i leave the save is gone i have to startover

  • Where can you get the games from ?

  • I don't have Vulkan -_-

  • Mine says application is unable to starts correctly

  • My vulkan option is available but whenever i run game in that.. it doesnt start and crashes… Is this a graphic card issue .?

  • have Q my channal u can reach me! can destiny be played

  • trying to play wwe all stars and cant get the game to load passed the very first screen upon booting

  • god of war 3 and uncharted best settings plss..

  • can't find ppu exe

  • It talks about a vulcan-1.dll what do I do?

  • couldn't find "ppu exe"

  • Anyway to go into fullscreen mode automatically?

  • for some reason i can't find the ppu exe in the trace log.any idea why?i've followed all the instruction

  • Link broken of OpenSSL

  • Sir

    Please make video with i3 8100 or ryzen 2200g with gt 1030 for rpcs3
    I have issues on Windows 7 it very slow for pli recompiled

  • are you dutch? your accent sounds like it.

  • This sucks😵Why can't I just buy an emulator with games already loaded..

  • hey, I have tried everything to get 4k working for p5 and nothing is working. I have all the same settings as you and have the same mod downloaded and installed. Nothing seems to work can you help me out, please. I got the 60 fps to work but not 4k.

  • Perfect Installation video WORKS 100%.Bro one more thing I only play wwe all stars but cant save the game every time I turn the game on its loading as saves are not being created please help over here,and audio is stuttering but the game runs at 60FPS solid no drops.using a FX600 and GTX1050Ti

  • Great tutorial. Just wanted to point out that there is a little bit of outdated information for Demons Souls though. The 60fps patch has been updated, and while the one in this video still works, the new one seems to fix videos not playing (example: the intro video getting stuck where it says "On the first day"). Besides that, setting SPU Block Size to anything besides "Safe" can actually cause the game to crash when you interact with ragdolls. Hope this helps.

  • some of thats bs cause when i opened rpcs3 it said some shit about vulkan-1.dll being gone

    so i said fuck it

  • I haven't seen anyone mention this, but with the 60fps mod for Persona there are in-game cutscenes where the voice lines are skipped, the in-game ones where you don't press a button to continue the text

  • Thank you very much for your time and effort to make this tutorial for us. Helped me a lot.

  • It keeps crashing when I open Red Dead, at first it booted up and played the boat scene after that it suddenly crashed and keeps crashing when I reopen it, help pls?

  • I got Gran Turismo 6 to open, but while boot, the game and emulator crashes at the "Sony Presents" logo. I continue to get this error message: "Stopping emulator took too long. Some thread has probably deadlocked. Aborting."

  • u made my day
    is there any emulator for ps4 or not yet?