Red Alert 2 Free Download for PC (+ Yuri's Revenge expansion)

This video shows you how to download Red Alert 2 for free on PC, including the Yuri’s Revenge expansion pack.


Red Alert 2 Game Download (PC):

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)



Q: What is the password?
A: The password for all the files given on this channel will be

Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.

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  • thanx


  • Where's the save game folder located?? :<

  • That aqcrit.cfg of mine just disappered..

  • P11JP11J

    Author Reply

    Why My Game Lagg ?? plaese

  • Game movie not appear…. Plshelp

  • ty so much

  • It worked %100 in 2020 but i didn't tested online/i just downloaded yuri's revenge link/it gave me red alert2 and yuri revenge game/it doesn't have cut scene u should download it from (RA2/YR revenge language Pack) when u did them all its full version game %100 work

  • Black screen doesn't go away, help please

  • wow thanks i fix it…its true.. i just make it 0 again and it works…the black screen is ok.. and it work its also doesnt need screen resolution to change

  • mine is not working… the screen only turn black… i really want to play the game

  • dude, i cant open skirmish…and the aqcrit.cfg became a notepad icon, please help me out..thanks

  • Problem no movies 👌


  • Cutscenes are bugged therefore I got stuck in the campaign know a fix?

  • need assistance….

    after changing the screen resolution, and launching the game, its just a black screen 🙁 but there is a background music of th
    e game

  • interesting, it didnt work for me. my computer won't allow me to switch the resolution to 800×600 only 1024×768 on windows 10…. any advice??

  • hello
    i will sub to you if you can give me the black screen fix link

  • little help my game is very slow, somebody knows why

  • Is the website safe to use? No problems with virus's or malware?

  • This will be my cure to boreness

  • how do i get cutscene??

  • thx bra you are great

  • I did everything but it doesn't work online can you help me with this please????

  • Why does mine have payment plss help

  • will it work on the windows 2000 mode and up to windows 7 and also will you be able to download mods
    with this

  • Hey guys why the file<Aqrit.cfg>is no open with botton?

  • I already have RA2 can I use that yuris revenge???

  • I did everything but the game is extremely lagging

  • i didnt get the "play free now" i got two options one for ra2 and other is for yuri's revenge

  • Binded with virus. Won't run.

  • why i get only CD key

  • hello ummm all of the procedures worked and it played the only problem is my gameplay is very slow even at a 10 speed its still very low and has a cut noises how can i play very smoothly?

  • Works, thank you sm☺️🖤

  • Thanks 😀

  • Thanks man it's great!

  • the 1gb+ link only has red alert 2 base game, no yuri's revenge but does it have all the videos/cutscenes?

  • Why can I not save the file for the Black screen (where to you change the 0 to 1) plzz help

  • half way through the game, it stops working…. just gets stuck and i have to restart my pc…. HELP!

  • For those who are trying to play this during 2020 quarantine and it is still having a black screen: i skipped the step where he changed the line of code in the file to 1. I left it at "0" and my game works fine!

  • the game is stucking in centre bro check it out please my favorite game this is