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RESET Windows 10 password, No software used. Do it like a pro!

Link: You can try PassFab 4WinKey (  to remove and reset Windows user/admin password easily, no need reinstall system

Setting up an office network:
OLD WiFi Router as Wifi Repeater | WiFi Extender | Access Point
Let’s Reset any windows 10 forgotten password, without using any software, pure skill only. Have fun and enjoy!!!
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If this trick does not work for you, Check my video on how to reset a forgotten password using LIVE CD HBCD bootable device!:
Completely remove viruses from your computer:

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  • Dis not work for my laptop

  • The password do not match.

  • Thanks man..

  • I get to the final step but as soon as I select net user user * it brings up a syntax message

  • very helpful and good showed.

  • It did not work for me. I followed the advice on this tutorial fully, I couldn't remove the old password. I ended up loading a fresh copy of windows 10.

  • awsume thanks / it worked

  • thanks dude i was finally able to reset my forgotten password

  • Hey Spicy Legato. I need my carburetor. This did not work. I did the files like you said and ease of access did not open c promt

  • Didn't work for me at all. Tried it with a Dell Inspiron laptop, I don't see the "circle in motion " while starting, just the Dell logo and almost instantly the login page.

  • I am getting error or more after doing all steps

  • Very helpful thanks

  • I was struggling for hours and hours with a different problem. I tried installing windows 8 but then it failed, and then I couldn't restore the windows 10 that was previously on the hard drive. However, watching your video up until renaming Utilman even solved my windows recovery! Still don't understand how, but thanks! God bless you!

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  • Yo, if you can help me out I would really appreciate it,
    I want to know my school's user password, (after login in) is there a way I can do it?

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  • Hello?!?!?

  • thank you

  • This is the LOOOONG way to do it xD There are a lot of other ways you can do it quicker. Hell even via CMD in recovery tools

  • Hi..i had a no internet connection issue(even though there is wifi) at the same time that i had forgotten my pw..so i cant even apply your fix..😕..how doi go about it..can u help me please?

  • oh found it but it does nt open : says
    "the specific location doesnt contain information about your hardware"

    please i am desperate urgently

  • Ok after i did everything to get to cmd….my name account is there by the administrator…when i type net user (my name) it shows full info …

    Full name
    Account: active
    Password expires: never
    Password required: yes
    User may change password: yes
    last logon: never

    But when i type net user "name"* i get

    [Username [password *][options]] [domain]
    Username [password *]/ADD [options][domain]
    Username [Delete][/Domain]
    Username [times:(times All)]
    Username [Active: (yes no)]

  • How do u do it with administrator because my name account isnt there?

  • It worked!! Thank you very much!

  • wtf! why you are turning off the computer while its loading the system files? just hold shift while restarting the computer from the power icon which is on left bottom this will boot the computer in troubleshoot mode.

  • My computer keep asking for my password even in shift restart before i can do anything…but it keep saying password incorrect….idk what else to do…

  • i can't rename utilman because it says "the exception unknown software exception occurred …….. , what u supposed to do

  • Thanks bro it's really helpful videos to me

  • Thank you..it worked for me

  • Thank you a lot

  • Billi_hacker on IG can help you recover your account

  • You sir are a genius.

  • Great video. Password reset done successfully. But not able to rename utilmana and utilman back to their original names. It says you require permission from Trustedinstaller to make changes

  • The password still incorrect

  • It didn't work

  • How to change the name back to the original?

  • How about a laptop?