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SAPA, VIETNAM is BEAUTIFUL!!! | 3 Day 2 Night Tour Vlog 2018 | LIFE IN VIETNAM

Words can’t explain how BEAUTIFUL Sapa, Vietnam is. Even though it rained on and off for the 3 days and 2 nights that we were there, it was still a breathtaking experience that I will NEVER forget!

This was the “Sapa 3 Days 2 Nights Tour” with 3-Star Hotel stay option. You can also choose to do a shorter 2 Day 1 Night option with a village homestay at one of the ethnic minority villages if you wish.

The coupon code: CORY2018 has expired and was only good for 2018.

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  • Great video. What camera did you use?

  • Gorgeous video!! WOW.

  • Went here and man imma come back, I love Vietnam so much.

  • Vietnam's Sapa is the coldest place in South East Asia

  • Great vid. What time of year is it?

  • I met a friend who just went on a trekking trip here so I looked around for more visual details and found your for vlog. Thanks for a great content! Can’t wait for my solo trip next year 😁

  • How did you find these places? I'm planning sa pa on 19th of this month. Can you help?

  • You didn’t go to fansipan? How much was your tour?

  • Ur video like professional documentary very well done

  • Very nice 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Wow you hav ejust inspired me to add this to my places to see in vietnam, i come to vietnam in JULY

  • How is the weather n crowd in June?
    Is June a good month to go to Sapa

  • Great video production and very helpful content. Thank you!

  • Im from vietnam 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Im from nepal very beautiful amazing vitnane

  • Does anyone know What month is this video filmed?

  • were you visit there on July 2018?

  • JJJJ

    Author Reply

    Hi i am going to vietnam in March . SA PA just added to my list after watching your video . Question , is there wifi or hows the internet connection there? Thanks !!

  • Hey, awesome video! How’d you bring the drone in? Last time I fly to Hoi an in 2017 they kept my drone till I left. Any problems when you flew into Hanoi?

  • They eat cats there?

  • Awesome video Cory !! I hope someday could go there with my future husband 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • a duck taking shit 2:49

  • Such a paradise.

  • I was there in Sapa in the rain too this past summer. One of my favorite places in the world now. I would do the overnight train ride from Hanoi to Sapa over and over again if I could.

  • Dear tourist, I've just visited Sapa and I've spoken with many hmong villages. They want me to help pass on a message. They are voiceless and feel exploited by the Vietnamese of Sapa as a billion dollar tourism industry has been built using their name and culture. The issue is that none of the vietmanese will hire or employee the hmong villages to work in the shops, restaurants and hotels as they see the hmong as inferior. The hmong people are skilled and speak French; Chinese and English beautifully compared to their Sapa Vietnamese counter parts. None of the funds made off tourism go back into the community to help build roads to their villages. The profits only go back to greedy developers.

  • where and how did you stay? could you pick the hotel? thanks! any more tipps on SAPA?

  • I see Hmong people! 😉

  • A very nice videoclip ít made me want to go on holiday to SAPA soon…..Thanks Cory

  • Love those aerial views..

  • my country

  • What hotel did you stay at?

  • If I had to define what I have just seen in this video, I would say that it is the authentic PARADISE 🙂

  • Amazing place to see, Sapa – Vietnam, tks!

  • Wow! just saw a British girl I met some months age when I was in Hue in your video!

  • thankyou for making this video 🙂

  • Nice video. I love Vietnam my country!

  • Cool Vid and great drone footage, risky flying through clouds and rain!

  • …beautiful vid m8…your story is right on point..camera and drone work is shit hot…thanks for taking the time to share…GoodLife to you.

  • come to Bangladesh, very beautiful country Bangladesh

  • Wow wow wow! Thought I had seen most angles via YouTube. This is fab Corey!

  • Hello, your video is very wonderful! And could I use a few your clip for my television news about Sapa, about 10 seconds. Please feedback me! Many thanks!

  • Great work! We are heading to Sapa in September. Which hotel did you stay at? And would you recommend any other nice hotels?

  • 7:48 ( ̄ω ̄)

  • nice

  • Very interesting, as usual. I plan to go to the north of Sapa, because of hotels, the grow of tourism, but this town continue to have interest finally 🙂