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Team Fortress 2 – Love and War Cinematic

Watch the drama unfold in this 14-minute animated short.

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  • for starters, this was made by VALVe Corp, and this video does not belong to you also, wth does IGN mean? your logo looks like a chinese knockoff of the TF2 logo. how is this not copyright striked yet?

  • This isnt your the original is expiration date.

  • Guys, this isn't experation date
    There is IGN at the bottom right.

  • Wow… my Least favorite part about this is how you STOLE IT!!!

  • Thank you Rick may.

  • Give credit to valve

  • Also this is a perfect example of how crappy YouTube's copyright system is. As long as you're rich and have millions of subscribers you can get away with pretty much anything.

  • What's worse is that they aren't even an animation channel, they just decided to take expiration date and slap on the name of the update that came with it.

  • This is stolen. Why hasn’t this been taken down yet?

  • Really wish there was more

  • This vid is not Yours IGN it’s called expiration date

  • Brunch of thieves, They put their watermark on it and They stole valves vid.
    It doesnt say anything in the description.

  • This video is stolen, the original is called Expiration date

  • wormworm

    Author Reply

    I wish valve would do something about this and teach ign a lesson.

  • IzsmIzsm

    Author Reply

    Oh, so they're uploading it as a trailer! I guess that makes sense. Usually IGN's uploading trailers is helpful, but Team Fortress already put it on YouTube. I guess it works as a backup.

  • Fake

  • I love it how they put there watermark in the corner and act like it’s theirs and pretend this belongs to them.

  • MaroMaro

    Author Reply

    You Are Not A Clown, Ign,You Are The Entire Circus

  • How do I submit a copyright strike for something that isn't mine?

  • IGN stands for:
    I- illegal
    G- gaming
    N- network

    Remind this to your grandchildren in the future.

  • Why’d you re-upload Valve’s Expiration Date video with your own watermark and different title?

    Congratulations, you’re a failure.

  • this is just expiration date. Bro… stop reposting other peoples work.

  • Sudice me ha ha

  • Love and war REALLY

  • Can I say the medic is like 800 iq for doing all that math in his head like I can barely count to 5 wth😆

  • This look like a actual animation movie

  • 3:00 my favorite part

  • Why does this remind, me of red-alert 3 so much???

  • This was too damn funny 🤣