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The Harsh Social Impact of the Shallon Lester Drama

What is this whole drama really about? Gender? Psychological Abuse?

00:00 – What Shallon Lester did & her defenders
02:09 – Man vs Women? Gender War & Group Think
05:00 – How both Genders can Abuse.
06:00 – PUAs, Incels & Manosphere vs Shallon & “Female” Content
07:00 – Cancel Culture & Double Standards

09:10 – I’m not only defending Men
11:00 – Deflecting the argument. (Lemons vs Oranges)
13:15- The Divide between Male & Female
17:00 – “Stay in your lane” + Racism
19:26 – My Direct Experience with Manipulation

21:27 – Celebrity Gossip isn’t the Problem
23:00 – If a young girl takes Shallon’s Advice
26:47 – Imagine if your Son or Daughter met Shallon.
29:00 – Why her past action’s still matter
30:48 – My Experience with Bullies & Abuse.

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  • I've experienced bullying troughout high-school from both boys and girls, so I completely understand you when you say these things are infuriating. Evil knows no gender.

  • After watching this I became very said for Pierre, he seems deeply disappointed and saddened by this. I think its because she was recommended to all his viewers aswell. It happened to me and I watched one of her videos before this all blew up.
    I just feel like this has chipped away, yet again, at his world view. Poor man x

  • Pierre, I came across your channel today and so glad I did. You are so eloquent and articulate, keep up great work! I particularly like how you are able to criticise something without becoming offensive and mean. Going to binge watch your videos during quarantine. Thanks!

  • Hahaha people are absolutely hilarious. They've obviously haven't experienced bullying from women. I'd say that women are the worse bullies. Why? Because it is psychological and manipulative. Tbh, being just pushed around would've been much better than the twisted mind of girls these days, especially in school. They find ways to make you look like a horrible person to everyone else – like have people not yet noticed? They spread false rumors, call you a whore behind your back, make negative comments about your appearance, turn everyone against you. They would steal my stuff and leave it hanging somewhere, force me to give them my homework, call me disgusting in front of everyone – outright complaining to teachers that they have to sit next to me, yell at me in the classroom, and tell everyone I'm full of myself. They pretend to be your best friend in front of faculty and staff then threaten you when they are gone. Girls can be aggressive too! My middle school bully threatened to break my arms, wanted to fight me (I always ran away though pft), gather up other girls to gang up on me, tried to injure me and the funniest thing is that we used to be best friends. LOL. And people have the audacity to act like women can't be as terrible as men. I was hurt by females which led me to be manipulated by men that I was forced to confide in (because of lack of friends, not trusting girls, etc.). The moral of the story is, humans, in general, are trashy…

    But I forgive them because people were most definitely trashy to them too. It's an endless cycle that throws easy targets under the bus. Unfortunately, I was an easy target, skinny girl w/ no ass that didn't know how to do her hair and never spoke up for myself, oops. Things got better in the end but the psychological damage will always be there, and it sucks.

  • Thank you so much Pierre for sharing your ideas on this topic. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts. You are one of the few YouTubers I watch that seems to be honest to the core, and I truly walk away from each video you do with something to think about.

  • I know this off topic but I see a little bit of Johnny Depp in Pierre. I hope that instead of seeing all the bad in people, we can seek out the good too. They're out there, I promise. Please stay safe ♥️

  • HyliaHylia

    Author Reply

    Talking about her will just make more people notice her. Even the hate comments on her videos will make her more fameous. And she knows that.
    Just saying.

  • What she said about other celebrities and their personal struggles is disgusting! Thank goodness that other YouTuber showed her true colors! I knew she’s done the moment her old video of insulting BTS is showing up again…ARMYs (BTS’ fandom) are savage AF and they’ll drag her ass! 😂🤣

  • Where do you go to open up about being a victim of being abused when you're not a person who fits the "victim profile" of the helpless little girl? The bottom line is that there are many different people like Shallon out there and if we make it our mission to be mindful of how abuse is abuse, we then should hold tight to your empathy and be there for the people who need help!

  • C GC G

    Author Reply

    Her defenders are taking her direct advice on keeping the victim narrative going by making this a gender issue as if that's why you were calling her out instead of because of her actual words and behavior.

  • I’m so so glad all this is coming out. If there weren’t any videos on her I would still be watching her content and becoming even more scared of men. I haven’t been in a relationship for a few years now because shallon put the thought into my head that all men are trash. It’s genuinely upset me how stupid and naïve I am.


    Author Reply

    ❌❗️Meanwhile nobody talks about how ssoyoung mukbang and hoony mukbang torture and abuse animals before eating them alive ON YOUTUBE! ❌❗️❌we have to call out ALL abuse on the internet. Not only shady perv ladies, or grooming man. Also abuse to who have no voice. Animals.

  • I am so attracted to your intellect omg

  • Ok but does anyone remember how she did those “how to kiss” videos on How cast. It just down hill from there

  • amyamy

    Author Reply

    what's that song in the intro!

  • Your video makes so many good points and I'm able to listen to you and understand what you're putting across and can relate in many ways. ❤

  • It’s really really hard to accept all those things about her . She really helped a lot of people , including me, and gave amazing advice on a lot of topics , she literally saved my last Christmas with her videos on lonelyness und family stuff around Christmastime. She was our big sister . The videos got worse and worse over time , it was more gradually and not as into your face as it’s now made out to be . yes i can’t support her anymore , but i can still need some time to process this and somehow deal with it . This hurts a lot of people who trusted her and liked her as a online best friend . It’s not as black and white as people want to make it .

  • I think you’re very intelligent and a deep thinker so it surprises me that you lower yourself to call out individuals on your platform. It’s kind of mean spirited and not really your job. An enlightened person wouldn’t do this in my opinion. I’m new to your channel and have been enjoying your content but I see a lot of your videos as a kind of contradiction to the persona you are claiming to be.

  • Ok so my comment isn't about the video itself but just about one argument he brought up that something I see around the internet a lot. What I don't like is that people blame the double standard on women in the case of unfair divorce courts and child custody. Those unfair laws were influenced by societal standards that say that 'women are only good to be mothers and child bearers' and enforced by whoever wrote those laws. Its the current laws in place that are ruining men's lives in terms of divorce and that's not the fault of the women nor men who go through divorce. Not to mention a lot of the time men don't want to have parental custody. I can't stand when an argument about double standards somehow turns into 'its the womens fault' or 'its the mans fault'. No, its the fault of society at large and we can change that by not spending all our time pointing finger at each other.

  • 👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽🥀

  • Yes! I wanna live in that world too! Love your heart Pierre!

  • I never knew she was like this…glad I've seen this because some of her comments called her a fraud etc but I dont have other social media so I dont follow her only on YT..and yh it popped up on recommended too…thanks for this

  • I HAVE to subscribe. Never have I heard a you tuber so eloquent, intelligent, compassionate and impassioned. I feel like I'm at a seminar containing multiple epithanies! Alot of your beliefs mirror my own = unity, acceptance, peace and fairness. I've never watched a you tubers video twice, but I'm going to watch this one again in a few days. We need more people like you in this world. 🙏🏾

  • I was abused by both genders the boys used to bully me beat me up until i retaliated and girls used me manipulated me etc. I was broken and hateful of the world around me i hated everything and everyone i never did manipulate etc i just kept to myself and would react hostile to anyone. I still hate the world and don't want to live. I hate my very existence sometimes i wish i could disappear. So only videogames and drugs like THC and nicotine are the only things that makes life bearable.

  • It just shows that abuse exists in different ways and in both genders. People just excuse women because they think women are more fragile and wouldn’t do that but it’s obviously wrong. Everyone can have abusive behavior or tendency.

  • This is an awesome video. Your passion gave me chills. I never comment on videos but I felt the need to tell you that you really opened my mind about this subject and I hope you go far on YouTube. We need more creators like you.

  • Anyone else think Pierre should collab with Dorian from of Herbs and Altars?! I really think they would resonate! They both discuss gender issues and both equally as charismatic make up magicians

  • the behaviour you've outlined applies fully to the political climate as well. all political positions, including neutral, have a large portion who just think they're better than each other, not listening to the other's position, not trying to understand each other, and i used to be such a person. i openly mock and ridicule such close-mindedness in the hopes that they see the error in the way they think.
    there are two major issues with today's world: extreme behaviour/beliefs and lying. i wish more people believed in honour.

  • I actually used to listen to her until I really started to hear what she was saying was so damn toxic. She is giving women a bad name saying that if you want to keep ppl in your life you have to have power over them, to use their weaknesses against them. It's disgusting no matter what gender does it. As a female I 100% agree with the double standard being so fucked up. Men get the shit end of the stick too

  • I found your Channel because I was a Shallon fan and this whole situation has opened a lot of people’s eyes you can see it even on the subreddit. But on a side note your eyes are gorgeous! Are they like that or is it contacts? Cause I want that color

  • Thank you for such a refreshing video. Shallon should not be a role model for anyone. She is manipulative, mean, judgmental, obsessive, narcissistic and so much more. The point is no one should listen to her, she should not have a platform. How can YouTube not punish her for the dangerous statements she has made about mental illness?

  • The children of tomorrow are already paying the cost inflicted by the traumas of yesterday. I'm sorry to my daughter for what could have been, could have been special. I promise to be the parent I never had so that she can be the child that never got to be.
    TY Pierre for speaking out.

  • I really wish we (as a society) could learn how to have intellectual conversations. Where we can disagree on opinions and still remain friends, instead of creating personal dramas. "We have a communication issue" is such a true statement. I absolutely love listening to you! You put things so beautifully ❤️❤️

  • Wow. This video spoke to me. I wasn't ready.

  • As far as I can understand, she's that colleague, friend, family member we all know in life who behaves in a very toxic/questionable way but most of the time people excuse their actions because they are masters at playing on the base desires, kindness, and fears of those who care to listen. It's a major step to be that person who stands up to challenge a person so manipulative. Makes me wonder if folks have forgotten that life is about that struggle, weeding out what is worth consuming versus what is not… Much respect to you ( and other youtubers) for choosing to address her contribution to humanity.

  • In your last video, didn't you make a bold claim that the lack of male vulnerability is women's fault even though you also stated, in your experienc,e that the women you were with were manipulators like Shallon? Also, the reason her viewers haven't given her much push back is because she's a good manipulator. Shallon Lester is excellent at drawing people in to warm people up to her more foul tactics like an abuser. So, you kind of did put women under this large umbrella that we're responsible for A. lack of male vulnerability and B. being indoctrinated/used by a diagnosed narcist manipulator.

  • I never thought I would watch a topic I couldn't give a shit about. But there are people who probably will find this important and I can't take that away from them. Especially if this person is doing some real damage out there. Good on you Pierre. I would struggle to cover something like this mostly because it is waay outside of my range of interests.. Celebrity stuff just isn't that interesting to me.

  • Good things happen to bad people. If Shallon was a genuine, kind hearted person who made more "wholesome" or whatever content she wouldn't have grown as much as she has on social media. Underdogs are never on top or if they go about it the moral way they try to work their way to the top get half the recognition and praise they deserve.

  • NinaNina

    Author Reply

    I didn’t even know people were defending her. I thought the most obvious thing was that she’s showed abusive behaviour and that’s not something you can support. Their defence isn’t even a defence, they’re just trying to direct your attention else where and guilt you into it. They admitted that Shallon’s abusive, because they compared her to other people asking why they’re not ‘cancelled.’ So then they at least know they should both be called out and Shallon isn’t in the right.

  • Thanks for video: There are woman complaining about Shallon: I only know for attacking Selena Gomez: I just flipped the channel: I didn’t know she attacked people’s mental health

  • Ngl, this video made me mad emotional but great video!

  • It's almost surreal how nowadays we actually have "tutorials" on how to psychologically manipulate people. And it's equally hallucinating how accesible (and how these are diguised as common entertainment) these "tutuorials" are.
    It's frightening to think that there might be people out there taking notes, and it's even scarier that social media platforms have no stand when it comes to content like hers.

  • Abuse is abuse. Periodt.

  • Every time I share your videos you are described as beautiful and an artist to me by the people I share your videos to

  • Well, I hope you're okay cause I'm emo for this ish. I totally get that thing about bullying and how normalized it is to shame people like you and me who want to express our true selves but still hope we'll get better 🙂 are we crazy or are we just artists lol

  • when will these abusive/negative women understand that they don't have a "pass card" to do this. me being a young woman in society it PAINS me to see the amount of women that yell at their children and spouse and it grinds my gears. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and STOP being a pain to other people. just because you say "men can do it" doesn't mean you should stoop to their level. Shallon needs to grow up. REAL SOON. this is why we have these issues that continue. because women like Shallon think they have a justification if the people they have dealt with do it. omfg…

  • Jian gomeshi was one of those poor guys who was actually framed by this obsessive woman who wanted to get revenge on him for not giving her a chance.

  • This is my first time watching you.
    Your video is amazing. Your look is stunning.

  • Ever had abusive parents? You’d know it’s not always just the dad. It could be both or could be just the mom but also be just the dad. A lot of people would know that is a problem within millions of families and people still assume women aren’t known to be abusers. 🙄