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Top 10 Best High Skill Cap Champions in League of Legends (Season 10)

Hello, everyone, Octokrash here! Recently we released a video about 10 easiest imbalanced league champions. Champions you can quickly master and start climbing with. The video aroused a lot of interest, so here’s part 2 – Top 10 OP Champions with a high skill cap. Despite all the possibilities easy champions provide, they still have their limits. Yes, there are a few Poppy players in the Master tier, but they are exceptions that prove the rule. Ever dreamed of making insane plays on difficult champs and getting into fresh highlights videos? Say no more, this video is for you.

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  • Check out our brand new video course right now: https://morelegends.com/en/video_course

  • Riot klled aphelios now he deal no dmg !

  • How can you put ekoo in this list? ?? He is a medium skill champion.

  • Akali where are u AKALI

  • Aphelios? what a joke lol

  • aphelios beating qiyana in terms of mechanics or skill is fucking hilarious. this man has 2 buttons and even has a huge ranged stun w/ big dps off it. go in training tool for 30 mins and you can carry with him.

  • Is Heimerdinger high skill champ?