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Vietnam's Les Miserables – A MUST WATCH! Best Vietnamese Movies

Vu Dai Village in the Past – one of the best Vietnamese romantic movies & a must-watch – is now available on V-Sense with English subtitles.

“Lang Vu Dai Ngay Ay” (Vu Dai Village in the Past) shows us the miserable life of the Northern Vietnamese peasants before the August Revolution in 1945.
The main characters of the film were Chi Pheo, Old man Hac, and Thu.
Chi Pheo – dumped in a brick-kiln by his parents when he was born – was a slave at Ba Kien’s house. He was sent to prison after being tricked by one of Ba Kien’s wives. He then became the worst bully in Vu Dai village after being released, insulting everyone. Obsessed by vengeance, Chi Pheo lost his humanity even more. But then he met Thi No, a girl so ugly that “even monsters do not like her”. A unique love story began.

Director: Pham Van Khoa
Cast: Huu Muoi, Kim Lan, Bui Cuong, Duc Luu


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  • Outrageous!!!!  Most of the English subtitles are missing!  Don't subscribe to any Vietnamese film channels until this problem is fixed!!!

  • "…now available on V-Sense with English subtitles. " ??
    most English subtitles missing, can't follow story.
    Link to complete sub?

  • Can someone please tell me what happened to the dog 🐶 in this movie 🎥 why the dog being drag away by an object to the neck I HOPE IS NOT WHAT I THINK IT IS that was such a beautiful dog and so sweet I don't have a dog because I am a clean freak but doesn't mean I don't adore dogs 🐶 because of their loyalty If this dog portrait in this movie to be drag away kill torture and be eaten THEN FUCK ALL OF YOU

  • so sad. great story great movie

  • most miserable man is lao Hac

  • This movie is so touching. Poor my Vietnamese people 🙁

  • Best Vietnamese Movies | Vu Dai Village in the Past | English Subtitles
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