Wu Tang Collection – Golden Dragon Silver Snake

Directors: Godfrey Ho
Cast: Dragon Lee, Le Yun-min Lee, Chiang Tao.

Golden Dragon (Dragon Lee) comes to Seoul to investigate the mysterious death of his brother. His friend, Silver Snake accompanies him in a brutal kung fu fight against many criminals…This film is a must have! Totally wicked!

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  • This is by far the only Martial Arts Film I remember when a baseball bat is used in fighting action.

  • Would luv to have those vintage motorcycles. Bet some cafe racer enthusiasts would pay a pretty penny for them💲💲💲!

  • ✊🏾🤜🏾👊🏾👊🏾🤛🏾🤚🏾🎬

  • Good old film! Plus: Greetings from Dr. No (James Bond 007) 😀 Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  • Phim đánh nhau hay mà không hiểu tiếng 0918987119

  • H0457277

  • សូមបកជាភាសាខ្មែរផងបង

  • Heli

  • Aplikasi 😀👍💪💪💪💪

  • This is a korean film originally titled ''A Fight At Hong Kong Ranch'', directed by Si-Hyun Kim.
    For the U.S. release with the titles ''Golden Dragon, Silver Snake'' and ''Drageneer 5: The Indomitable'' Godfey Ho cuts in some footage from ''Enter The Three Dragons'' a.k.a. ''The Dragon On Fire'', so he could credit himself as the director.

     In that scenes you can see Samual Walls (who besides of ''Enter The Three Dragons'' also appeared in ''Enter The Game Of Death'') and Bruce Lai (his real name is Chang Yi-Tao. He plays together with Dragon Lee in ''Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu'' too). And Chang Yi-Tao is not Bruce Thai.

    Bruce Thai is the one, who played ''Chuck'' in ''The Clones Of Bruce Lee''. Chuck is the Man who fights together with Bruce Nr. 2 and 3 against Dr.Nai. The second film with Bruce Thai is ''Fearless Master'' a.k.a. ''Fearless Hyena 3'' a Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan Exploitation film.

    I hope this helps everyone to understand everything, even it's hard.

  • Jai Ram JRm

  • I'm I the only person 2 think it's not the same without bruce lee!!!!!!!

  • Co-starring: Bruce Thai, Cheung Lee. Black guy is so funny.

  • Bashkim Nosha 13 06 2019 e ejte 05:44 Super film

  • Dragon Lee❤❤❤ is a great fighter, lots of action and drama in his movies

  • Yunus.yunus

  • 5:50… gayest black guy I ever heard….. oh yeh.. watch out for the James Coburn impersonators…

  • Ok.good

  • Good 👍👍👍😎💪 movie.

  • astralia scandals

  • I see the bad guy at the end in many of these movies he looks like his name should be "George" haha

  • Thanks so much for the kickass… VIDS!!!…weird how they developed Kung fu..why is it that american never thought of it cowboys caring guns so they don't have to fight….just so awesome there world is walking around wth only body parts as there arsenal shit? This is my addiction..besides games .n heavy BaG/heavy METAL. Death !!!!!

  • You are looking toooo eliiiminate meee.this i can seee….

  • Nice movie

  • I can remember renting it out on VHS they were the days